Thursday, September 2, 2010

200 followers Giveaway! I know, Late! Oops!

Ok, I'm late on posting this.. again.. But I've been staying very busy, and sadly- Neglecting my blog. Hopefully this giveaway will make up for it.

Who likes to read?! I do! So, I'm going to share with you the most recent book I have purchased. I bought two, one for me.. and One for one lucky person who follows my blog :)

The Book I will be giving away is "Surviving Deployment: A guide for Military Families" by Karen M. Pavlicin


 As part of today's active duty or reserve forces, your loved one may be called to war, peacekeeping missions, anti-terrorism campaigns, field exercises, disaster relief, and many other duties far from home--and you. Surviving Deployment is your personal guide to turning an otherwise lonely and challenging situation into a positive experience.
Learn what to expect, how to prepare, and how to personally grow as individuals and families. Your survival gear will range from a sturdy toilet plunger to the fine art of letter writing. You'll manage financial changes, help children express their feelings, and discover a renewed appreciation for everyday life.
Solid information. Practical checklists. Personal stories from hundreds of families.

Like I said, I have yet to read this book. But I'm looking forward to it.. Also, My next blog giveaway will be another book. I love books.. I love learning new things, so I read everything I can get my hands on that's nonfiction.

Anyway.. I chose this book because It talks about deployment. As deployment creeps up for my husband and I and for many others that read my blog, I thought this would be perfect. Seems to have good reviews, was given 4 1/2 stars... again, I'm looking forward to reading this book (going to start as soon as I finish another book)!

Here's how to get entries into this giveaway-

-Follow my blog :)

-Answer one of the questions (answer in a Comment, or in a blog, but be sure to link me to it)
*If you have been through deployment, What advice would you tell someone preparing to go through their first deployment?
*If you have not been through a Deployment, How do you plan to stay busy and to deal with the dreaded big 'D'?

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Please leave a separate comment to THIS blog post for EACH entry you do. The winner's name will be be drawn from "The Hat", so the more entries you have, the better your chances are at winning! :)
The giveaway will be closed to entries on Monday, September 6, 2010 at noon- Eastern time. So get your entries in! :)


  1. great giveaway! im a follower!

  2. I haven't been through a deployment yet, but I plan on staying busy by reading (ALOT) and turning our house into a home. :)

  3. I'm a follower of your blog! Count me in!

  4. *If you have been through deployment, What advice would you tell someone preparing to go through their first deployment?

    Get into a routine as fast as possible and make plans every day for something, even if it's going out of the house to get the mail. I usually take a few days at the beginning to cry, be sad, and throw a pity party, but then it's off to getting on with my life.

  5. I have done a three month deployment with no worries as I was at home. We are getting ready for our first "real" one- 7 months! I plan to stay busy by scrapbooking, exploring the area and enjoying it while I'm here. Not celebrating Christmas or any other holidays he'll miss and hanging out with the other spouses.

  6. "If you have not been through a Deployment, How do you plan to stay busy and to deal with the dreaded big 'D'"

    I'm going through a deployment right now, but just 8 weeks in, so I figured this question is the best for me. I keep busy as I've always done - making a list and sticking to it. I write, read, watch shows, play with my dog, hang out with friends all the time. I make a list and stick to it!

  7. Okay well first off I am a follower!

    and here is my blog so you can see what I wrote for the "BIG D" And I blogged about you all together! ( the link to the blog

    I am already friends with -CRushGFX
    and I am a friend of-Christina Rush Photography

  8. Oh goodness excuse me I don't remember if I commented already or not about the give away. But if not I am both friends with the links you have and I blogged about you on my blog and as you can tell I am a follower! (here is my link so you can see my post

  9. I can't really answer either of those questions, because I'm in the first quarter of our first deployment. But, things I've learned so far that I would tell other newbies: 1. Things WILL go wrong the first week, whether you think so or not. Be prepared and don't take it too hard. It IS ok to cry over everything. 2. Get out of the house every day. You'll thank yourself later. 3. Get into a routine. Even if it's just getting up, having breakfast, getting dressed and going to the post office. Routines help. We humans are creatures of habit and even new habits can help us cope with the absence of our other half.

  10. Okay...I'm going to comment...but don't enter me for your contest since I just got my Fox home. I'll let someone else have a chance that could really use the book.

    My best advise would be to STAY BUSY! Give yourself something to look forward to each week...leading to each month. Even if its just to run to Target to buy a new weekly magazine. Just something that will make you look forward to each week, so that they start flying by.

    Also...go into the deployment with NO expectations of hearing from him. That way when he does call or email you, it will TOTALLY make your entire day/week/month. Waiting around your phone or computer, will only make yourself feel like crap. Don't play the waiting game...keep living your life, that way when you do hear from him, you can tell him all about what you've been doing to keeping yourself busy. He will WANT you to do ALL the talking. He won't be able to say much as to what he's "really" doing, so for him to be able to get a distraction from hearing about your days, he will LOVE that!

    I could go on and on...but I'll leave it at that for now.


  11. I'm currently going through our first deployment, and I'm staying busy by 1- moving back home to family, 2- going to school, 3- spending time with family and friends that I don't see often, 4- getting closer to God.

  12. Im about to go through one so i think im going to stay busy by getting into better shape(arrangment with the hubby) and read for days and days and work so we can save even more money for a car(no car payments on the horizon for us anytime soon)

  13. Entry #2: We haven't actually been through a deployment (just voluntary cross-country long distance), and I plan on crafting my way through. I hope to have a vintage Americana quilt by the time he comes home. :D

  14. I'm a follower! Love Goodnight Moon's advice - don't go into deployment expecting to hear from him. I should be used to this "forever" deployment by now but every day have something new to do on my list!

  15. I am actually going through my first deployment and at first I didn't know what to do with myself. But I have found that going to school, reading numerous books :)working two jobs and spending time with friends and family helps the time pass by. I just can't wait for these 6 months to go by.

  16. I follow CRushGFX on facebook (sarah sawyer)

  17. I follow Christina Rush Photography on facebook (sarah sawyer)

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