Sunday, December 28, 2014

Working on Answers

Many of you know my husband and I struggle with holding a pregnancy. We've been to the doctor a few times with no real answers. The entire time (just over 5 years) we lived in Virginia, we had 4 miscarriages. We had 2 others before that. During my medical visits in Virginia, all that was found is that my gallbladder and appendix sit to the side more than they are supposed to; nothing to be concerned with and no affect on me. I also found out that my cervix is tilted, meaning it can be harder for me to get pregnant but no cause for miscarriage. I left Virginia with no answers. Now that we are in California, we are working on answers, clear answers.

My first visit with my doctor on base was a success. I received more answers in that one day than I did the entire time in Virginia with civilian doctors. I found a doctor that seems to truly care about me getting pregnant and it being successful. We did, however, discover the problem, my uterus. Something so easy to discover and noone in Virginia saw it. How, I'm unsure because I could see it on the ultrasound. I have an unfortunate uterine anomaly. 

It's not clear how bad the anomaly is at this moment, but I should have more answers within the next week or so. I have an appointment scheduled with radiology to get more clear images. I either have what's called a septate uterus or a bicornate uterus. 

A septate uterus is when there is a wedge of fibrous tissue dividing the uterine cavity. Basically like it's pinched. A bicornate uterus is similar but much more severe and not correctable. My doctor said a septate uterus can be helped by "shaving" off the tissue that comes down, separating my uterus. Either of these are believed to be the culprit to my miscarriages. 

My doctor believes that I'm getting pregnant fairly easily and each pregnancy has been where it needs to be. However, my uterus isn't allowing the correct process. When I get pregnant, there are a couple things that are likely happening: 
  • The egg is attaching to the fibrous tissue instead of my uterine wall. 
  • The egg is attaching to the uterine wall, but the placenta is being cut off by the fibrous tissue. 
both causing early first trimester miscarriage. She said it is not impossible for me to hold a pregnancy, but it will be me continually trying and going through what I already have until things land where they are supposed to and my body doesn't work against me. Even with insemination, the risk is all the same. 

We also found out that I have a complex cyst on my right ovary. Thankfully, not likely anything to worry about, but we'll have more information on that after my appointment with radiology. 

So, we have a lot to think about, but there is so much relief just getting some answers. I'll keep posting as we continue down this journey.