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I am excited to have sponsors for my blog. I have considered it for many months, but waited until I felt my blog had grown to have lots of regular traffic.

Something to think about when considering becoming a sponsor of The Journey of a Navy Wife:
(on average/ approximate)
  • 200+ pageviews a day
  • 5,000+ pageviews a month
  • more than 150,000 pageviews since early 2010
  • more than 430 blog followers
  • 1100+ Facebook fans
I currently have several options for Sponsors, and for advertising for your business.

Button Advertisement Packages:
150x150 Pixels:
Month to Month: $20
3 Months: $40 (buy two get one Free!)
6 Months: $80 (2 Free months!)
1 Year: $150 (Saves you $90!)

Month to Month: $12
3 Months: $24 (buy 2 get one free!)
6 Months: $48 (2 Free months!)
1 Year:  $72 (Half price!)

Text Link:
Month to Month: $5
3 Months: $8
6 Months: $20
1 Year: $42

Button design is also available at additional cost!
Simple design: $10
Simple animated design:$15

If you're not interested in purchasing a Sponsor advertisement, I have other options available for you!

I LOVE hosting giveaways for my readers. If you are looking to get your product(s) out there, donating  item(s) to be used for giveaways is Perfect! We can work out the terms for the giveaway through email, times, dates, etc. I will type up a post to be hosted on this blog for your giveaway. It will also be networked with Twitter as well as Facebook. Your business will be featured in the blog post with the item which you want to use for the giveaway/ contest.

Product Reviews:
I love reviewing products. If you would like me to review one of your products and to write a post which would spotlight your business, send me one of  your products! It's a great exchange. You give me your product to keep and I will Spotlight  your business in a blog post, as well as link it to my Facebook fan page. It's a win-win!

If you're interested in any of the above, shoot an email to

Thank you!
The Journey of a Navy Wife