Sunday, September 22, 2013

Change of Pace

As many of you know, my journey has been a little on the chaotic side for about a year now. It seems most of 2013 has been full of challenge after challenge. Needless to say, I'm counting down to 2014 (about 100 days!) and to what I'm going to make a much better year.

My husband met his new command in July. We are still adjusting to the change of pace- but as you know with military life, once you're adjusted, something changes again. Squadron life for him, and even for me as his spouse is much different... and I like it. It's quiet. With the exception of 2-3 guys in his shop, everyone is single, so I haven't met anyone in his shop. He went in and in introduction put it out there that he is a recovering alcoholic and he said it really seems like everyone respects his decision. Occasionally they ask questions, but it's never pressuring him to drink, drinking around him, asking him to be a designated driver, or telling him they don't think he has a drinking problem. That's the biggest change I've noticed, and he has too. He's happier because the people around him respect his choices.

I haven't reached out to the FRG, and do not plan to at this point. I've received mail from FRG and it said something about consider running for an FRG position (assuming this was a general letter sent out to everyone), but my husband and I laughed and said no. I don't have time even if I wanted to right now between working at my "day job" and running my photography business, I don't sleep as it is.

We've been in Virginia for just over 4 years now. Even though we aren't moving for this new set of orders, and he was just sent him to a different base here, it's a noticeable change from an Aircraft carrier to a Squadron. I think I like it more than he does, but that's only because He works more and harder now than while he was with the Big E during the starting of the decommissioning.

The orders he received are only temporary. He'll be picking again soon for shore duty. We're unsure where it will take him for his job and us as a family. He looked at the options recently and if the options don't change, we'll be heading to Keywest, Cali or Japan. I can already tell you now, Japan won't be chosen by him because we made an agreement before he joined, that as long as Roo is alive, if he has to go overseas, we would geo-bachelor and I would stay here with our Dog-ter. It's complicated moving with a pit bull (banned in housing, some cities, etc), but we took on the responsibility to raise her, and she's not something we will just give away. It's a hard decision, but it was something we decided before he enlisted.

Friday, September 27th, we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary. It's insane how fast time goes. This 5 years is proof that marriages can work if you work together and work on communication.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Send My Service Member a Care Package- Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered the Care Package giveaway. There were nearly 400 entries when the giveaway ended on August 31st. However, when going through the entries, I realized that there were a lot of false entries and after removing all of the entries of which were not legit, there were just under 300. I was sad at first, but now that I think about it, removing those who cheated, gave a greater chance for those who entered correctly to win. There's always a positive in every negative situation. 

My husband and I made a trip out Sunday to buy a few things for the Care Package yesterday. So far, there are a lot  of fun goodies and snacks to send. And, My husband has been begging to play with a few of the fun kid stuff we got and I caught him sneaking a couple of the snacks.. so Looks like I'll have to make another trip out, without him, and I'll be sure to hide the stuff from him this time. Men, they are always big kids. Be a Kid Again Box, Perfect theme right? Thought so.

Any who.. 
We have a NEW winner :D

Kristin ANDREA, I have contacted you about where to send the box as well as give you the option to type a note I can print for your Service member.  :)

My husband and I had fun shopping for care package stuff. SO, we've decided we'll be doing another in the near future. Maybe football? hmm...

Oh the options.

When I complete the box this week, and get it sent, I will blog the box as well as add it to the Care Package list.

Congratulations Kristin ANDREA! I hope your service member enjoys the "Be A Kid Again" box as much as my husband and his division did.