Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 04 – What you ate today

I meant to post this last night, but my husband was home and I like to spend every minute I can with him.. especially with Deployment on the horizon.

What did I eat yesterday? Honestly, Yesterday I didn't eat so well. Was so busy, everything was just quick meals. We are in need of a commissary trip.. That comes tomorrow. 

I skipped breakfast, which I know I need to stop doing that. I started doing very well eating granola and banana for breakfast- I guess I'll start back on that. I really should!

For Lunch I had a small bowl of Chicken noodle soup and I had an itching for some chicken nuggets, and I happened to have a bag of the Tyson chicken nuggets in the freezer- I know, totally unhealthy.

For dinner, The husband and I went to McDonalds- and I ate like a fat kid. I had a Big Mac.. again, totally unhealthy.

Writing this... I see that yesterday was a totally unhealthy day for me.. Today was no better. But starting tomorrow- I am going to get back on my health kick!

When the husband is at sea- I thought I wasn't eating that well.. but I think I was eating better than what I am now.. Plus I was doing P90X.. gotta figure out how to maintain all this WITH him being home too.

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