Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Words from my husband

I had a set of questions I stole from another blogger forever ago- they were to ask your husband. I never did it. Why? I have no clue! I saw them pop up again by a couple other bloggers I follow the other day. So, I decided to finally join in on the fun.. and to see what my husband would answer to them.

1. What is the first thing you noticed about your wife when you met?
Her eyes.

2. What is something your wife does that drives you crazy? (In a bad way, let's not get freaky on here!)
When I ask what she wants to do, she gives me a hard time.
(We're both so indecisive. He wants me to make all the plans- I want him to make the plans)

3. If money wasn't an option, what is one thing you would make sure you always had done for your wife?
She could have whatever she wants

4. When do you find your wife most attractive?

5. What does your wife do for you that you totally appreciate and would miss if it was gone? (Be specific)
(I added the "Be Specific" because I knew he'd put everything lol- didn't work.)

6. If you had your wedding day to do over again and everything was in your call, would you keep everything the same? Change something? Everything? Elope, or if you eloped- vice versa?
I would keep it the same.
(Our wedding was pretty great.. It was so us. <3)

7. What is one Beauty up keep that you wish your wife didn't do? Or what is one beauty secret that you wish she did do?
You're good. 
(I had to get him to explain his answer to me. He said that I don't wear too much makeup when I wear it, and he likes when I don't wear any- which is most of the time)

8. If you could go or be anywhere in the world with your wife right now, where would that be?

9. What's one moment you wish you could go back and relive with your wife just to get to experience it again? Would you change anything?
Our Honeymoon- and I'd buy better wine. 
(The wine we bought.. was gross! The salesman said it was a best seller- Not possible. But it did make a hell of a steak marinade!)

10. What do you Love most about your wife?
I love every bit of her, with my whole heart.

He's not a man of many words.. But he's mine. He's my best friend, my Mr. Amazing (he got this nickname when we first started talking.. because he is.. he's amazing.) Today, thinking of him- I have Kate Earl's- Nobody lyrics running through my head. I love him. <3


  1. That is lovely. i like his comment on your beauty routine. ^_^

  2. I absolutely LOVE this! I want Fox to write me a guest blog post...but he keeps saying no. Maybe I should try something like this...and just ask him questions so he doesn't know I'm going to use it on my bloggitty blog?