Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 07 – Your best friend

How cute is this picture?!
My best friend.. well this one is Easy-smeazy.

First off, What do I think defines a "Best Friend"?
To me, a best friend is someone you trust more than anyone else. The person you feel you can talk to about everything, the one you can always count on no matter what. This person can put a smile on your face in no time. They know everything about you. A best friend is the one who knows you best, the one you can be completely yourself around and be totally comfortable with. This person doesn't judge you, they are your shoulder to cry on, your therapist at times. It is a person you want to call or talk to immediately when something exciting happens, and when something bad happens as well. You Love this person like family- sometimes, that person is family. 

I could continue on with my definition, but I assume you get my point.

My best friend is also the love of my life- he is my husband.
He fits every bit of my definition of what a best friend means to me. I consider myself lucky to have such an amazing husband and best friend-This is when he would tell me "It's not luck if it's meant to be".. See why I call him Mr. Amazing?!

I am blessed.

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