Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 06 – Your day

Today was a pretty good day. The husband and I slept in, well for some it's not sleeping in, we woke up about 0645, we typically get up between 0200-0230 every morning. So, 0645 is definitely sleeping in.

We had to go to Norfolk to try and figure out what is going on with the RPP with our complex. Everything is set up- Housing is just waiting on the Navy to release money to them, for some reason they are not. Now our complex is threatening to change our lease and charge us the deposits that we got out of by signing up for RPP.  Did we get everything sorted? No.. we have to find the PSD building on base and noone can seem to give us accurate directions to it. The husband is going to go the the small PSD on his ship, but it's not definite he'll figure out anything there- I've called and talked to 3 different people with housing, We went to Fleet and Family.. So, fingers crossed that someone on the ship can tell him what he needs to do- and tell him right this time because his chief told him wrong.

After all that fun stuff- We went to the NEX and then realized the husband forgot his patches at home he needed for his new dress blues we needed to buy- so, now that's been put off until Sunday. But we got to check out all the new renovations they have been doing to the NEX.. It's looking pretty nice, so much bigger and the upstairs is a really nice version of Sears in my opinion.

Then it was time for groceries. The commissary wasn't that busy when we first got there, and it started getting crowded and we decided to get out of there. So, now we have food for a month. I love buying bulk meat. Saves us so much money!

We came home, put away the food and then my husband prepared the food to be grilled this evening. He grilled some hot wings, shish kabobs, grilled corn on the cob.. It was delish! He invited a buddy over to enjoy it wish us.

Now we are all sitting here taking turns playing video games- Broke out some scene it on the xbox, now I'm watching them go at it on the original Sega with NBA Hangtime.. and we're about to play some 007 on the Nintendo 64.. It's been a fun night. They don't know what they have coming with the 007 ;) I own at that game.

Hopefully, we will be off to bed soon. My hubby is helping me finish my photography home studio (room we're using as a studio) tomorrow. Just gotta set up the lights! :D

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  1. oOOH! Photo studio! How exciting! I cant wait to see what comes out of it!!