Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I've been up to and 3 giveaways!

I know, I haven't been on in a while, but I've been a busy girl!
I went to Tennessee for a week, visited with family and some friends. Realized a week is not nearly enough to see everyone you want.. Especially when you have as much family as I do. While home, I made the Decision that I'm going to redecorate, well.. actually decorate (our place is quite boring) while the husband is out to sea.

I got back to Virginia last Wednesday, Friday I went thrifting with Brittany found some awesome deals. Went looking for a bookshelf..  bout everything BUT a bookshelf. Go figure. But Found a really cute little table.. PERFECT for a bedside table for JUST $14. Yes, I'm STILL excited. I gathered my ideas for the bedroom.. and am slowly getting there. It's time consuming and Oh so much fun... I'm calling this my "While you're away Project" because I'm doing little by little while my husband is underway. He doesn't know this either.. so I'm hoping He'll love the bedroom when he comes home.. Hopefully I'll be finished this week! :)

I'll blog, with Pictures after I finish.. but if you want some sort of updates on my project; check out my Facebook album The While You're Away project.

Now, I'm taking a break to finally blog.. or shall I say Update my readers.

I'm going to be doing a Giveaway soon. It'll be just one person who gets the Item. I have bought a book, Well actually I bought 2 (1 for me, 1 for the give away), I decided to buy 2 to give one away to one of my readers. I'm going to Do this one a little differently than my last 2 contests.. so, Be looking forward to that this week. I may post it tonight.. depends on how wrapped up I get with painting furniture this evening (can ya tell I'm really into this whole decorating thing?!)

 And some of you know, I design shirts for military significant others. Not too long ago, I created a Facebook fan page. I'm trying to get up to 350 "likes" and I will be hosting a giveaway. One lucky fan will get a free customized shirt... but for the contest to start and for me to tell the rules.. I have to get to 350! So, Check out CRushGFX on Facebook and "Like" me... Send me to your friends too ;).

So, there ya have it! Two great Givea... wait a minute.. I have another one too! Yes.. there's a 3rd! Making up for all the time I've been away ;)

I've started my own photography business recently. I recently created a Facebook page for it as well. Once I get to 350 "Likes" on there, I will be giving away a free shoot to someone in the Hampton Roads, VA area. So, Check out my photography and "Like" me.. Christina Rush Photography.

I've noticed Lots of Ladies are hosting giveaways lately.. August must be Giveaway month! I LOVE it. :)


  1. I would love to be involved, but I dont have Facebook. Thanks anyways! Thanks for blogging about your experiences. My hubby is joining NUPOC, so I might be a Navy wife soon too!

  2. Oh boy I can't wait for them to start! I always do all the giveaway from all the blogs I read but I am never luck enough to win! Everything is crossed that I can cross on my body! WOHOOO and good luck to you reaching 350 on both I will tell family and friends!

  3. Oh how I've missed you! Don't stay away like that makes me sad:(

  4. Oh boy I can't wait for your give aways to start! I always enter them with the blogs I read but never lucky enough to land one! I am crossing everything I can possibly cross for the t-shirt! Good luck to getting your 350 I will tell my family and friends about your pages! And can't wait to see hoe the room turns out!

  5. I can't wait for the giveaway to start! :) I would really love a Navy t shirt :) I can't wait girlie!!