Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Miss You More & and Raffle!

Today I guest blogged over at  Confessions of a Sailors Wife! It's one of those posts where I was doing something thinking.. Lots and lots of thinking.

I titled the Post "I Miss You More". It's a phase my husband and I often say to each other. But what does that entail? WHAT does Missing someone MORE mean?

Amber from Goodnight Moon raved: "Great guest post!!!!! Maybe even one of my favorites you've ever written!"

So, You know it's worth checking out! ;)

Be sure to check out the post and show some love!

Click the link above to go straight to the blog post.

THEN, Go help out 8 year old Logan!
Logan was diagnosed with Cancer just WEEKS after his dad returned from deployment. His family needs all the help and support you all can give!
Even IF you don't read my guest post, PLEASE help out Logan!

JUST $5 get you entered into a raffle to win great things AND to help Logan!
There is a donate button in the top Right of Goodnight Moon's page- in her sidebar.
PLEASE help!!

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  1. Again, my favorite post you've written! Loved every word you wrote. And thank you AGAIN so much for helping out with the raffle! You are such and amazing person!!!!!