Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dear Deployment, I LOVE You.

Everyone always seems to say, "Dear deployment, I hate you.". Here I am, Once again going against the norm. Here's my letter to deployment.

Dear Deployment,
Although many hate or strongly dislike you, I'm writing you to THANK you. You are amazing. Seriously. You are my new BFF.
I know this may seem strange that I'm so fond of you, especially since you're part of the reason my husband's nights are my days. However, I appreciate you so very much. You have made my already strong relationship stronger.
The Underways before deployment taught my husband and I better communication. Deployment, you have proved how well we communicate and our communication skills are so much stronger now. Even when communications are down, I know not to worry because I will hear from him when he has a chance, when he has the time.
He is thousands of miles away, out of reach but yet, his emails make him feel as if he is right here with me. He never left. Physically, he is away for a while.. but He is still here. It's not about the physical relationship with him. We connect through our words. I may not get phone calls because you are a bit on the expensive side, Deployment, but when I do.. I'm first kiss excited. It's worth not getting calls. We save money by no calls and When I do get them, I'm more appreciative. I know not to expect them.
Deployment, Thank you. You are more than just separation from my husband, you are more than my husband doing his job, more than these men and women out there ensuring America stays free. Deployment, You are a new relationship with my husband. There will be hard times, but there are hard times with every relationship. The key is to learning to get through it... Together. We've got this, this is easy. Thank you Deployment.
Dear Deployment, I love you.

So long for now,
Married to a Sailor


  1. I love your honesty & positive attitude! :)

  2. What a fantastic post! I love your positive spin on such a trying time :)

  3. Love this post! I completely agree! Thank you Deployment for allowing me to start my masters program and finishing by the time you're done!

  4. Its good deployment has helped your relationship and you can recognize that.

    It's different when you have kids I think. I can't think something that takes my sons father away for a good portion of his life as amazing. Therefore I hate your bff. :)

  5. I have always felt this way. Yes, I miss my husband, but our love is able to blossom and grow while we are apart, and we get a deeper appreciation of one another. I know I definitely do!

    We don't do phone calls either, and I've learned to make decisions and live with it. I've learned to be stronger than I ever thought I could. Deployment has given me so much- I definitely don't hate it! I just hate that it takes my husband away for so long.

  6. Well said! I really believe that deployments will make or break a relationship. I think it probably saved ours. Being apart makes us appreciate each other more and realize how much we love one another. We have been married for 15 years now- I wonder if he had never deployed if we would be as in love with each other as we are now? I tend to think we would take each other for granted had we never been separated.
    That said, I don't love watching my children miss their dad, now that they are older and more keenly aware of his absence and where he is at. But they too, understand how important family is and how special our times together are. It is a hard life in some ways, but we are all stronger for it!

  7. perfectly put. this is amazing & so are you. My husband is currently deployed and I get through it by being positive and handling it with grace. thank you for this :)

  8. This post really disturbs me. A lot of people may agree. But do you have children? What about the mothers? The people that have to take care of kids work and do stuff around the house? You basically just did a slap in the face to them. Also what about the weak girls? You just made them feel weaker then they already were. You can flaunt about how much you love deployment and how great it is that you have such a great relationship, but just maybe you can think about the girls that got a Dear John letter saying they didnt want to be with them anymore because this deployment changed them. What about the girls that wake up weak and need help with their problems. Not everyone is as strong as you and I think by you putting this its a slapp in the face of many. One girl actually told me to read this, because she was completely in shock that a wife with a sailor on the ship would actually put this. Then a bunch of military wives caught on to this. So know this. you may be liked by some, but to others your just putting all of them down, and basically laughing in their face about how they cant be strong. Just thought you deserved one of these comments since the rest are about how much they like you.
    And I am half tempted to post on here what you said to a fellow friend to her on her email a few months back. When i heard about this I was completely IN SHOCK that a girl that is "so powerful" would say such harshful words to someone going thru the same thing.

    -love from a sailors wife that will go unknown

  9. 83df2d8e-799e-11e0-8fcf-000bcdcb471e AKA, I don't have the courage to post without being anonymous. This blog isn't for the betterment of Military Society. This blog isn't for support for those who can't handle it. This blog is MY blog. I write for myself and write for those who see things as I do. There are plenty of other blogs for those who are reaching out for support. I'm not going to write about being sad every day.. about not being able to handle it- THAT IS NOT ME. THIS blog, My entire blog is how *I* deal with deployment. So, how is it a slap in the face to the "Weak"? It's not. This blog is for those who don't have many that understand them because they THRIVE during deployment. This is for those, like myself, Conquer deployment.

    Paste this message you speak of, I have not been rude to anyone. I have received attacks, such as yours through email and faccebook... and in the end every. single. person that has emailed left apologizing.. or it was clear to me they were reaching out because they went into this long spill on how they can't handle deployment. So please, get over yourself.

  10. 83df2d8e-799e-11e0-8fcf-000bcdcb471e, So let me get this right just because there are "weak" women out there Christina should not pride herself on being strong? that's the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. Honestly, there needs to be women like Christina out there to show the "weak" ones that there can be positive things that come with Deployments and it's okay to be HAPPY during a time like this. I'd much rather read blogs about positvity & happiness than read a blog about someone boo-hooing about everything.

    Christina, I wish i could "like" your response 100 times :) Thank You for your positive words always.

  11. I have just started looking around your blog and I must say that for anyone to call this post a "slap in the face" is ridiculous. I think that it is inspirational to see that maybe the glass can be half FULL and maybe there really is some silver linings... It is nice to know that sadness is not the only emotion we are aloud to have during deployments.

  12. I just wrote a comment and i don't think it showed because I was jot signed in...grrr boo anyway Christina thanks for the positive attitude!

  13. I absolutely love the fact that your positive. I love the fact that you show there are good things about deployments, I don't see any sort of bashing here or "slap in the face" statements, that is absurd for someone to say that. I say keep on with your posts no matter what they're about. I love them and you always make my day so much better when I read one of your thank you for what your doing and keep up the great work =]

  14. I absolutely love the fact that someone can post about the positive things about deployment. I think it's absurd that someone would view this post as a "slap in the face" they obviously can't handle it and as you said it's possibly just them reaching out. I say keep doing what your doing everytime I read one of your blogs it brightens my day up just a little more...and this is coming from someone who feels the same as you do about deployment. Keep up the good work girl!! =]