Monday, March 28, 2011

So this is part of my Roller Roaster

It's been somewhat of a hectic and somewhat emotional week. Both good and upsetting news and thoughts.

I guess I should just write this from the start of things. Too much going on getting me to thinking.

I went to the doctor about an issue that I have had for more than 2 years now. Didn't get any news from that, 2 of the 3 tests they ran had good results. The 3rd test I'm sure had good results, I just never heard word of them. I think if the results were bad, I would have heard from the Doctor's office. It's the whole, "No news is good news" thing. My doctor said she would be in touch with me for my next appointment. Later in the week, I got a phone call from a Specialist/ Cardiologist to set up an appointment in May. Having to wait that long because evidently this specialist is a very busy woman and highly requested- but my doctor said I "need" to see this specific doctor. Yesterday, I received a call from another doctor. I'm being sent this week or next to be put on a Halter monitor for 48 hours. I'm not sure what's going on in this chest of mine, but I will be glad when the issue stops. They have ruled out any stress and anxiety. Which is a good and bad thing- depending on how you look at it. Good because, I'm not stressed- but rather relaxed, and bad because the issue could be much bigger. Hoping for good news because I don't need my husband stressing while being thousands of miles away.

My husband and I have been on the house hunt. Yet again, we have decided to try and purchase a house. I know, crazy because he is deployed. I believe I looked at nearly 20+ houses. Put a verbal offer on one, we lost out. Put a contract offer on another, our offer was beat by a full cash offer. I guess 3rd time is a charm, found a house that was cheaper than house one and two, it was also  more suited to my family. Our offer was accepted, and today was the home inspection- Good news there. Now, Come on closing!

The same day I get the exciting news about our house offer being accepted, I read of the death of a Sailor on the USS Enterprise. I knew it wasn't  my husband because I had received an email from him shortly before reading a post by the USS Enterprise Facebook page. But even in knowing my husband was safe- My heart shattered. You can't help but ache for the family.. but at the same time, as terrible as it may seem- you are relieved that it's not your husband. My husband knew the guy- they didn't work in the same division, but their paths had crossed, being that they are the same rate. They were more or less acquaintances. But never the less, I could tell that it had an effect on my husband. The circumstances behind the death have not been released, and I don't expect them to be. It's not our right to know- but only that of the family.

It had been an eventful week, and I'm sure hoping this week slows down- but from the looks of it, I'm running at full speed ahead. But hopefully, I can squeeze a blog post or two in somewhere. I have a few thoughts tinkering in my head.


  1. The monitor you have to wear really isn't that bad. It's more in the way than anything. It gives a really good reading on your heart though with everything you do on a daily basis. Congrats on the house, that's exciting!

  2. My heart and prayers go out to the Sailor's family, as well as to all those who knew him/her. I also understand the relief knowing that its not your husband and guilt for that same relief. Yay for getting a house! And I hope you figure out what's going on inside you really soon.

  3. I just started house hunting today also without the husband and even just looking at houses is exhausting. This was just my first day of actually looking so there is more of that to come.
    I am so sorry about the sailor's death on the USS Enterprise. Its great that it wasn't your husband but it was still someone from the same community and that is always hard.

  4. OMG... I am right here with ya. The initial feeling of thinking that it could be him and then the reassurance that it wasnt him - but the sadness that one feels for that family is pretty unbearable.
    Congrats on the house :)

  5. Good luck on all your tests girl. I know they will be fine. <3

  6. I hope they can figure out your medical issues. Those can be quite stressful.

    That is great news about your house!! Good luck with closing!

    I was so sorry to hear about the death of the sailor. It breaks my heart for his family.

    Take care of yourself!