Friday, April 1, 2011


It's new nearly 230am... And I'm wide awake, lying here in bed, paying on my phone.

When deployment started, one of my main goals was to get in shape. Now that I'm faced with a heart condition, I'm limited to what I can do. I wanted to start Insanity, but it's too much for my condition at the moment. I'm not allowed to go running like I would love to, or even jogging..sometimes merely walking across the room will make me winded... And it's not because I'm out of shape, it's something to do with whatever issue I have going on in this chest of mine. I've been trying to keep upbeat about everything, but this week it has had an effect on me.

I see how so many are doing just what I had wanted to do. I'm a bit jealous. I feel like I'm going to stand on the pier on homecoming and look like a blob.

I don't necessarily need to loose weight, I just wanted to tone up. I wanted my legs and butt to look like they did when I played soccer-kick ass. Not to mention, running helps me clear my head, and keeps me in a good mood.

My doctor has basically said I can't do any of that, no working out until they figure out what's going on... Leaving me to feel stuck inside all the time. I'm sure this yucky weather isn't helping much either. I'm ready for some sunshine.

I'm hoping the cardiologist figures something out this week so I can be released to exercise again.

Right now, my focus is going to be on eating better, cutting out all junk food, and putting in more fruit and veggies.

I might even try this 3 day detox I found on an adroid app.

Tomorrow, im starting on a healthy food kick.. and hopefully, the heart issue will get figured out shortly.


  1. That really sucks! But I definitely think cutting out junk food and increasing fruits and veggies will be huge boost in your level of health. Maybe shift your focus to that temporarily while you have to lay off the exercising. Good luck and I hope things get sorted out very soon for you!

  2. That's rough, but I'm pretty sure you won't "look like a blob on the pier" :) There are definitely other ways to get toned without cardio. Pilates, yoga and of course, healthy eating will always help! I really hope your health issues are resolved ASAP, though!

  3. Im sure u wont look like a blob. Eating healthier should definitely make you feel better. Also Maybe u can try yoga or tai-chi. Its still good for the muscles without increasing your heart rate. Hope things get figured out for you soon :)

  4. I've heard those tone-up shoes work well to tone your booty! Maybe you could try those. :)

  5. That stinks!! I'm sure eating healthier will help your energy and health. I'm sure you won't look like a blob. And as the other commenters said yoga and tai chi are good exercises just check with the doctor to make sure they are good.

  6. I have some sort of heart issue that has no name too, but it sounds like mine is not as bad as yours. I can't do alot of endurance type cardio, and even easy stuff like jogging gets to me. So, I do short sessions of cardio (5-10 minutes) rest in between sets and I do alot of strength training to tone, and it works really well. It's not much, but it keeps me looking pretty good and it doesn't make me feel like I'm going to pass out. i eat healthy, which keeps me fairly slim, so I don't have to worry too much about the weight. I do love to workout, and it is frustrating when you work out all the time and you look like you haven't worked out in a year to everyone else, but you do what you can. The most important thing is staying healthy and taking care of yourself. : )