Sunday, April 17, 2011

F.ull of R.idiculous G.irls

Full of Ridiculous Girls- This is a thought I had months ago about the Ship's FRG. I had contemplated months ago blogging on how I didn't feel like they weren't the support that everyone had looked for. There was too much drama involved. I went from being proud to be involved to wanting nothing to do with it. I stopped attending meetings for several months.

Then, I thought the FRG was nothing but Drama filled wives. Thankfully, since that opinion was formed in my head- My opinion has changed drastically, so much for the better. I'm proud to say that today- the USS Enterprise FRG is outstanding and those that have an alternate opinion on it aren't allowing themselves to be apart of the GOOD it can do for them or well, they expect too darn much, or maaaybe THEY are the drama. These woman aren't super heroes- they have deployed husbands just as we do.

A few months ago, It seemed like the board had given up. And still today, I don't see the past board's actions any differently. The events they did have were kid events, the suggestion box never seemed to be taken into consideration, No one reached out when someone needed something, New moms were left in the hospital, alone, New wives were clueless as to what an FRG was, The childless families were left out because everything was a "kid" event, ETC. The kid events didn't bother me all too much, however After my last 2 miscarriages, I didn't want to be around kids AT ALL. So, I personally felt "left out" and alone. There are others who well, quite frankly just don't like or want kids- just because you don't have kids, doesn't mean you're not family.

So what changed? The board changed. The past board- Some of the ladies' hearts just were not into it fully anymore and another just badmouthed the other leaders creating tension and tons of drama for many people- both leaders and members. Thankfully the board was revamped. Those involved today seem to be on the board for the right reasons and the Ship removed the internal problem.

I think the Board is doing a wonderful job- balancing events for both the adults and the children. The meetings are held better and committees were created to keep everyone involved and plan different events. They allow people to ask questions and they answer as best as they can.

Since the board "upgrade", I'm happy to be involved, I'm proud to say that the FRG I'm trying to stay active in is wonderful.

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  1. This means alot, Christina. Thank you. I think we all work well together and I am proud of the job we are doing. Thank you!!!