Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time to Freak Out

It has been an eventful deployment week. Everything Ship oriented I'm going to post in this blog has already had it's official statements and military release posted- so don't worry about anything being against OPSEC.

Communications have been down for several days now. This is something I typically wouldn't post about, however the Ombudsman has put it out for everyone to know. BTW- Communications down sometimes mean missions.. which is why talking about Comm. Blackouts are against OPSEC.

ANYWAY.. I haven't heard from my husband in several days. I didn't get a phone call for my birthday or an email from him. Comms. have been down for several days now.. and Did I or Have I freaked out? Worried? Get upset? .... NO ....

I don't expect emails. I don't expect calls. I'm not going to wait around an entire day- every day for an email! That email will be there when I get the chance to check it. I know my husband is entirely way to busy to email me back and forth for extended periods of time. He's not going to wait for me to reply- he doesn't have the time. He has a job to do. That job does not guarantee him the luxury to be able to email me at any given time or even every day OR every week. This is for ALL military.. not just the Navy and not just my husband's rate. Emailing or calling me is not his priority- never will be during deployment- It CAN'T be because he is Working. Yes, the Military is a way of life, however.. it is his j-o-b.

Worrying does you no good. The only thing it does is raise your blood pressure.

Ok, So.. WHY are Comms. down? Them dirty ole Pirates!
Unfortunately they don't look nearly as good or dressed like Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom... They are very much real.

Ok, getting back on track:
The ship and her strike group have been following a yacht that was overtaken by 18 Somali Pirates. They had 4 American Missionaries held hostage- the Yacht belonged to he Americans.

The Strike Group tried to negotiate when the Somalis fired a missile then gunfire rang on the yacht. The Somalis had shot the 4 American Hostages and then surrendered. Two of the 18 Somali Pirates were killed when Sailor's boarded the yacht and 3 others were found dead- unsure of the cause of their death. The remaining 13 are being held in the Brig on the USS Enterprise- my husband's Ship.

For a few days I knew this was going on and suspected it was the Big E and her strike group. However, I kept to myself and made no big deal of it. Many posted about it on FB.. people started getting anxious and worrying. Today it was released that it was the E- as many suspected.

I never freaked out, never worried, never had an upsetting thought pop in my head. Again, it's the whole thing of  "This is his j-o-b". IF there is something I need to worry about, it's not my husband.. if I worry constantly, this is going to be a MISERABLE deployment. IF something happens to him.. If he gets hurt, THEN I'll worry... I would be contacted.

This is where I say my favorite Deployment saying:


*Smacks forehead*

Their job is to get things done. Protecting, fighting, Pirates.. etc WHATEVER is thrown at them. They are Sailors, soldiers, Marines and Airmen.. THEY ARE THE MILITARY. That is their job. Our job is being on the homefront- staying sane, being supportive and don't worry and freak them out because you can't keep a clear head.

Deployments are hard on them too.. don't make it any harder on yourself OR Him (or her) by Freaking out and worrying over every mission.. every communication black out.. OR even just ONE day of not hearing from your husband, daughter, boyfriend, sister.. etc! They are WORKING.

The end. 

Official Posting about the Pirates: (Official means: Postings from the Government and Military.. not CNN or Navy times- those are not official)


  1. my husband is on submarines. we never have reliable communication. it's just something I'm used to! I've read alot o your blog posts... I wish we could be friends in real life. you and I share the same mentality on deployments and communication. it's refreshing to see someone else who doesn't freak out at the thought of no email or extended deployments, but at the same time very obviously loves the husband!

  2. That is one thing I always told myself and I repeat to my friends who face deployment. Don't worry about the news or rumors. If you needed to worry you would know and someone official would be at your door.

  3. I saw the story on the news about the pirates, before they said the Enterprise was involved and I thought "oh wow I wonder if the Enterprise is in on this....whoa..that could be me in a few years"

  4. I love your blogs!!! :) could not have said it better myself...KUDOS! :)

  5. Christina,

    I find your blog very interesting to read. I find you very insightful at moments, but I find your frustrations with what seems to be the other spouses in your circle...I don't know...

    I don't know how long you have been in the military, and dealing with these things, but I can assume from your level of annoyance, it's probably a lot longer then I have. Only someone who has been around the track a couple of times could be as tired with things as you seem to be.

    I too have a Sailor that is operating in the same seas that your husband is, and I have been keeping my eyes on the situation as well. While I hold the same saying " no news is good news" as true as you do, that doesn't make my concern about my husband during times of silence any less potent. I do the best I can with dealing with those stresses, and try to stay as positive and up beat as I can through the situation.

    Honestly...I think your lack of patience with dealing with people who handle situations differently then you do a little callous. Just because you're a wife who shows her emotions to others, in whatever medium ( be it the internet or otherwise) does not make you weak. It just means you deal differently. And I would say that it's possible those wives, in particular, need to be built up from the other wives who can be so outwardly strong, rather then be told that they are weak and to stop 'freaking out'.

    Honestly...your post screams to me that you do not deal with things nearly as good as you preach for others to. I see some of these posts as a desperate attempt to hide a weakness you might recognize in yourself.

    I feel that our situation is this...all of us military wives deal with level of stress, worry, and fear over our spouses job. We are all in the same 'boat' per say, and perhaps to make it easier on all of us, we should try to help each other out, teach what we have learned to deal with with stress, and encourage other wives to learn ways of dealing too, instead of getting frustrated and lashing out at women who deal with it differently then you chose to. There are a few enough of us out there, that criticizing one another really doesn't have a place in the scheme of things, be cause really, we're ALL just trying to survive this lifestyle.

  6. Allison, Come to VA!
    Thank you! :D

    Nolie- Exactly!

    Jennifer-Sure could! :D You're going to be a Great Sailor!

    Sailor's Princess- Thank you!

  7. Jenn-
    I never said I was annoyed. I'm unsure as you why you think that I am. I simply state things how I see them and how I feel about them.

    I don't tear people down. I have already had several reply "Thank you" to the particular post you commented on.

    I never said there was anything wrong with worrying, nor did I say at times you shouldn't be concerned. I spoke from experience on why worrying does you no good.

    I never said worrying made you weak, nor have I insinuated that it does.

    I have stated that people handle things differently many times in my blog, and I remind you, My blog is about me, how I handle things, How I feel about things. It's not a support blog, it's MY blog. People do read it for support- It is only support for those who agree with how I am and how I say things. If there is someone who doesn't agree, It's no big deal for me, because writing is my outlook, my way of expressing myself.

    I haven't said to anyone to stop freaking out- but my friends and people I personally know, Yes.. I have told them to stop freaking out. I am that friend. I am the friend that tells it like it is. I am honest.

    I don't preach at anyone. You my "friend" are being very judgmental. My blog posts are about my thoughts - about me, how I see things. Never about anyone. If someone fits into something I say.. Well, I'm not going to change how I think just to accommodate a person who CHOOSES to read my blog.

    I am handling deployment just as I say it. It's not affecting me what so ever. All that says Is I handle deployment very different than you do. I Don't worry, I don't get upset when he CAN'T email or would rather catch up on some sleep than wait in line. I think about things before I get worried or "Freak out" because most of the time- there is no reason for it.

    Although we both may be Military wives, we are clearly not in the same boat because my emotions and how I take deployment are far different.

    Again, My blog is not an out reach to "Help" people. My blog is my writings. IF I help someone in something I say, That's Great! But If my posts don't relate to anyone, So be it.. It's my writings, and it's written for me. It's my public diary/ thoughts. Those who read Choose to read it and can Choose to follow and relate.