Friday, February 11, 2011

9 Days!

(betcha thought this was going to be a OPSEC violation didn't ya? Not! haha)

My birthday is coming up. Nothing special.. my birthday doesn't really phase me too much... although, before my husband deployed we were talking and I mentioned how there seems like there is such a big jump between 23 and 24. I don't know why that is because.. in all actuality, it's only a year. He however, decides to be a "wiseguy". In response to me saying it seems like a big jump/ a lot older, he says, "Because it is". Of course he was joking. I laughed (after dead legging him).

Now, he is counting down. He sends me emails, "12 days until your birthday ;)", "10 days!" and today, "9 days baby!". Ok, I know he has nothing planned because well- We do share a bank account! (he's not a big gifter) haha. So, now I wonder.. is he just doing this to remind me that I'm older, or that I'm always going to be older than him.. or (maybe) is he actually more excited about my birthday than I am?


He did buy me a bracelet from his last port. I was quite shocked at that seeing as in nearly 4 years, the only jewelry he has bought me is my wedding rings lol. I have to wait until homecoming to get it though, he's too scared to mail it. I can't say that I blame him for not wanting to mail it though.. Things have been "mysteriously" disappearing from packages going to and from the ship. "cough cough mailroom". *shakes head*

Anyway, I will be staying in VA for my birthday. Had nothing planned, but some of the most amazing ladies I know have decided that "nothing" is not going to happen. We're going out- dancing.. idk. Most likely going to be themed (quite possibly "Cowboys and Indians" because I'm Native American and very country). I told the husband about it yesterday and He is requiring me to take lots of pics for him.

Is it a big deal he's missing my Birthday? nah. It's not the first birthday he's missed and it won't be the last.

BUT as a Birthday present to myself! I bought myself an awesome carpet cleaner today. Woot! So, now- that's what I'm off to go do! :)

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  1. Happy almost Birthday. Just spend the day doing something that makes you happy. Doesn't have to be a big to-do. And birthdays are great. It's a celebration of you and the person you are :)