Monday, February 7, 2011

Oh Say Can You See..

Last night was the Super Bowl- I'm sure most of you knew this already. Did you watch it?

What's your favorite part of the Super Bowl? Is it the game? The halftime show?

For me, personally, My favorite thing about the Super Bowl is the National Anthem. If there is one thing that can choke me up in a heartbeat- it's that song. It's beautiful.

Last night, For those of you who didn't watch, Christina Aguilera messed up. I am a fan of Christina Aguilera, however I was disappointed that she, in my opinion, butchered the song. The woman has a beautiful voice, but her talent wasn't 100% showcased last night- again, this is just my opinion.
It is however, undeniable that she completely missed some lyrics. Which was what was so disappointing. It's not the first time she's sang this song at events.. and although she is human, she was paid quite a bit of money to preform last night. It is her job, and is expected for her to do it right- after all, she's not just starting out in this business.

Some people are offended by her mishap, I however am not offended. I just shake my head in disappointment. I understand that she is human. However, it seems like with the Super Bowl, music artists try to go far too over the top. Trying to showcase their full vocal range, wailing and screaming.. and This is a song that doesn't need all that. The song, to me, is simply beautiful in it's self. It doesn't need to be "over done".

Keep it simple, remember the lyrics.. FEEL the lyrics and let the meaning soak in. Then maybe, just maybe The National Anthem- The Star Spangled Banner will have more of a meaning to it instead of celebrities making a contest to see who can go more over the top with it.

Whitney Houston- You will forever be my favorite Super Bowl anthem singer.


  1. I think that she didn't overdo the song. Christina has one of the strongest voices I have ever heard, and I think that she did a great job performing at an appropriate level. I know from other songs of hers that she has an extremely wide vocal range, but she definitely didn't go crazy showing it off. For instance, she didn't belt out and HOLD the parts of the song that are traditionally long and held out for any longer than past singers have. Yes she messed up, but like you said... she is human. She did get paid a lot but I still think she did a fabulous job :)

  2. I totally agree with you except Super bowl performers don't get paid they do it strictly for the exposure. She was also quoted as saying she got "caught up in the moment" which is understandable being in front of such a big crowd. I definitely see where you are coming from. It wasn't my favorite performance but I'm not a big fan of hers anyway.

  3. I feel the same way about that song..shocker right? Lol.
    I try to put myself in her shoes when I think about that. Although it is her job, and she's done it before, no one ever knows what's underneath. Ya know? If I was her I'd be scared out of my mind! Not just because I LOOOOOVE the Packers but the whole NATION is watching..not just a select number of people. That's intimidating! Plus we never know what went down beforehand..maybe she got some really bad news and was thinking about that. There's really no telling. I agree with you, that she should have done it right but all day I have people criticizing me and I just want to scream "IF YOU THINK YOU CAN DO BETTER, LET'S SEE IT!" ya know? Well..when I started out I had a point lol. I guess that yes she did do a bad job, but there could be a reason behind it, ya know?

  4. I completely agree with you :) I think Christina Aguilera has an amazing voice, truly unique and an exceptional talent. But she tried too hard to sound too good and it was ruined. The star spangled banner is not a song to conquer, it's a song to respect and honor. The words and melody in and of itself are enough to move you. I think singers need to just sing it the way it was written and feel it in the moment like you said. And I totally agree that Whitney Houston sang it best :)

  5. I agree.. Everyone is human and we all make mistakes.. HOWEVER YES, they TOTALLY overdue the national anthem but that was most likely due to her messing up and trying to over perform to make up for it...

    Secondly, My favorite part of the super bowl, watching some of the players tear up as the national anthem plays. I ALWAYS am a baby and start tearing as the anthem is sang. Its just good to know they too understand what it means.