Sunday, November 21, 2010

NCIS on the Real

Today started as any other normal day. Woke up at 2 am with the husband, he jumped in the shower, I laid out his work clothes for him, he got ready and off to work he went.

I started on some custom graphics orders I had, and received the text that he made it to base. About 15 minutes later, he calls. He never calls in the morning. I knew something was wrong. I answer to hear, "Call the bank and cancel my card. I just got robbed.".

Honestly, at first.. I almost thought he was joking. Who gets robbed on base? Bases are secured, they are safe. I guess I was a bit delusional. He wouldn't joke about this.. not at 0315 in the morning! Without freaking out and asking questions, we got off the phone and I called to cancel his card, and he was filling NCIS in with the details of what happened. The gunmen made it to the ATM before I could get his card canceled. Drained several hundred dollars from our account. Thankfully, the bank is going to work with us to put that money back.

I called my husband back to ask what happened. Then reality set in. Today, I could have lost my husband.

My husband had just parked his car in the large parking lot across from the ship. He had just got out of his car and 2 masked men approached him with a shotgun. They forced him to the ground and held the gun to his back, demanding him to give them all his money. My husband never carries cash, all he had was his bank card. They took his wallet and demanded for the PIN number. My husband in a panic just gave them the PIN. They left and my husband called base police, and then me.

He filed a report with base police, then was questioned and filed a report with NCIS. Over an hour of questioning, and filing reports. At the same time, base police was searching the base. So far, no luck.

NCIS had me call the bank for information and timestamps on the ATM withdrawls since it would be faster than having to get a warrant or whatever and going straight to the bank. Right after I had called the bank and canceled his card, the bank system went down for maintenance. Meaning, not even the employees can acess any information. So, we have to wait to 8am before that information can be gathered by us.

NCIS told my husband that it was actually good that he gave the men the correct PIN (minus the stolen money). They said because of that, they can get time and place. They can then watch the gate tapes for the timeline. They can also get video from the ATM. Finger's crossed they get a lead. 

We are meeting with NCIS in the morning. Finger's crossed that the idiots are caught so that this won't happen to anyone else. It is definitely scary, especially knowing it happened on a "secured" base.

Right now, I don't care about the money that was stolen or anything other than the fact that  my husband is alive. Things could have been so much worse. Thank God my husband wasn't hurt. Nothing matters more to me than the fact that he is still here in this crazy world with me.


  1. Wat a horrible thing to happen! I'm so glad that your husband wasn't injured during this robbery! Like you, I would've been in denial that something like that could happen on a base.

  2. Glad that your hubby is okay. That had to be one of the most scariest experiences. I hope they catch the scumbags.


  3. I am so glad that he wasn't hurt in all this. That has to be really scary to think about. I hope that NCIS is able to catch whoever did this. ((hugs))

  4. Praise God everything turned out so well, it really could have been so much worse. Hope they catch them soon before they do that to anyone else.

  5. woah! that's crazy!! i'm so glad your husband is okay! and i hope those bastards get caught.

  6. Oh my GOD!! What a scary thing to go through! Your hubby is a smart man to just go with whatever the robbers wanted. I'm so happy to hear the story has a safe ending, and I really hope NCIS catches those punks!

  7. Wow! That's scary! I'm glad he's alright though and I hope you get your money back somehow.

  8. Holy crap!

    I'm glad he's ok, and I'm glad the bank is working with you to replace the money.

    That's an incredibly scary situation. This is why my husband and I both have concealed carry permits for our state.

    I don't know if the state you're stationed in allows them, but if they do, I would certainly look into it.

    I really hope they catch these jerks, and throw the book at them.

  9. God how Scary, I'm glad he's ok.

  10. My husband was sitting across from me as I read this and he is OUTRAGED! If you're not even safe right across the street from where the ship is then where are you safe? And to think that it was people who had access to the base- I hope they find them and the sit in the brig for a very long time.

    I'm so sorry to hear this happened to your husband! Thank God he is alright and cooperated! I will be keeping you all in my prayers and thoughts!


  11. Oh my gosh! I just can't believe something like this happened on base. And a SHOTGUN? Seriously? That's just so disturbing.

    So glad your husband is ok and that you both acted quickly. Hopefully NCIS and/or base police will catch the guys. Keep us posted!

  12. how scary! I'm glad he's ok, I hope your meeting with NCIS goes well tomorrow!

  13. WOW. I am so glad your husband is ok. Thinking of you!

  14. Whoa, how crazy!! I'm so glad he is safe and I hope NCIS catches these jerks!!

  15. I am a new follower and as I was reading your blog I came across the robbery incident. I am so glad your husband is ok. It gave me the chills to read. I really hope they catch these guys. I can't believe it happened on base. Geez.