Thursday, November 4, 2010

Come join me and "Fart Rainbows"

Over the past couple days, I have learned something about myself. Okay, Well, I have learned what a few other negative individuals -Think- about myself. As I shared with a friend.. It makes me giggle.

Here's what I now know about myself:

  • Because I blog positively about the Navy and the military lifestyle, I am fake and am not blogging about how I truly feel about it. *giggles*
  • Because I haven't went through a deployment, I need to keep my mouth shut because I don't know what to expect. *giggles*
  • Deployment will change my positivity. 
  • I have only been a Navy wife for two years, I don't know anything about the military lifestyle. *Ha!
  • I haven't been through anything tough due to being in the military lifestyle. *t'hahaha
  • Because I'm Positive, and enjoy this lifestyle I go around telling people to "Suck it up". *hmmm
  • Evidently I'm "Too Proud" of my husband and the Military.
  • Because I carry the attitude that You signed up for this, and that You didn't have to stick with your SO if you carry so much hatred in your words toward the military.. that this grants the thought that I should be punched in the face
  • That evidently I think having emotions and missing your SO is wrong and being negative.
  • Thinking that "Any time is better than No time" is a bad view point- *I think this is where the "Suck it up" was pulled from.
  • I'm going to need Xanax because of my faulty optimism. 
  • I "Sh*t Glitter and Fart Rainbows"

I could keep going here. Oh the hilarity.

I blog positively. Why? Because that is who I am. I'm a positive person. I don't like negativity. AND I don't see anything negative about being a Navy wife.. or just being a military Family. I Like.. LOVE this lifestyle. My husband and I chose this for US. We chose it... as in Me and him sat down and made the decision TOGETHER. Even if he made the decision before me... I would have chose to stick through it all.. making the military life MY decision. Since when did being an honest person make someone fake?

What is there to know about a deployment? What is the difference from these workups that my husband has been on for months for more than a month at a time? NOTHING BUT TIME. Yeah, sure the risks are there with his safety and I may worry a little more than with just an underway. We won't talk any less than we do on these underways. So don't tell me to shut my mouth when I already have a pretty good idea of What to expect. Bring it on Deployment! I'm not scared of you! ;)

Deployment will not change who I am. I am me.. The military doesn't have an affect on that.. You don't have an affect on the person that I am. So, Mrs. "Deployment is the Devil".. Try me. Again, Not scared of Deployment. :D

Just because a wife has only been "Married to the Military" for less than a "Veteran" wife.. doesn't mean she's any less knowledgeable. That's been put out there so clearly to me. Kind of like saying just because you're older means you're more mature. hmm.. I've educated myself on anything and everything I can read about the military. Yes the Physical emotions the separation of deployment brings.. I have yet to feel.. But I know what to expect. I've learned plenty in my two years as a wife, and also growing up surrounded by a military family. And yes, I have done a PCS on my own.. I have had my car break down while my husband is away.. I've had more than 3 miscarriages without my husband here to comfort me. I could go on.. I never said it was easy, You just won't see me saying anything Negative about the Navy. The Navy did nothing to me... even with extended underways, schedule changes, seeing my husband for just 1 hour a day.. I'm not complaining. I'm thankful for that 1 hour! I have no control, neither does my husband. It's his job.. WE made this lifestyle for us. :)

I don't tell anyone to "Suck It Up". I simply say Handle it... Not just military related. ANY situation.. Handle it. It's HOW you handle it that makes you either a positive person or a Debbie Downer/ Complainer/ extremely negative person. There is a positive in EVERY situation. All depends on how you view it. I choose to be positive. 18 months without my husband.. I sure as heck will be grateful for 3 days over no time at all. Would WISH there was more time, but wouldn't complain that the [Branch of service] screwed us over.

Is is possible to be too proud of your Significant other? I mean really.. My husband LOVES that I support him with every breath of my body. My husband is Glad that I am such a positive person and know that I make my own happiness. He is proud that when he's away for 40 days to 9 months to 13 months that I am still smiling.. happy, and being his support. My husband would be highly upset if I was too down his job in any way.

Do you think Positivity grants the thought that someone would want to punch me in the face? It makes me laugh. Which cheek do you want? ;)

I sure as hell hope that every single person misses their significant other while they are away. Being in a constant positive state of being does NOT mean that you don't miss your SO... or that this lifestyle doesn't have it's challenges. Life is about challenges.. Military or NOT. It's about how you handle them.. (I feel like I'm on repeat here.). Missing someone.. showing your emotions doesn't necessarily mean you're being negative... Even when you're angry.. You can still be positive and act mature about it.

Obviously I'm not the one in need of the Xanax.. I think the person with so much hate and negativity could use it. I think it could help mellow you out. ;) So, continue to be jealous that I have a positive stand point on life.

I love the fact that someone thinks that I must poop glitter and fart rainbows. Seriously, I do love that.. it wasn't sarcasm. It was meant in a derogatory manor.. But ya know what. I know a bunch of ladies, a bunch of my readers who stand right there with me.. all of us "Farting Rainbows".. It's quiet pretty. Maybe you should join us. It takes a lot of talent to be this darn awesome. ;D

The Navy Wife Blogger that has the Attitude of June Cleaver.


  1. I'm not military. But, I think having a positive attitude helps just about any situation.

    It's not going to change our circumstances- whether we are complaining or being positive, so there isn't all that much use in complaining!

  2. I have always tried to remain a positive person for my husband, my children, but mostly for myself. I chose this life when I enlisted and I kept with it after I separated.
    Sure, there are days when I just want to scream and cry and complain all day long. I would love to tell the whole world how annoyed I am every time Nick misses another birthday, anniversary, holiday. He's missed quite a few, and will be missing many more. This is what I know is true. Do I like it? Not at all. I sure am not going to let it get the best of me. I will ask for a shoulder when life gets way too tough. I just won't keep complaining over every little thing. I most certainly will not blame the military for anything. What did the military do to me? It's what we allowed it to do to us. Take the moments that break you down as a push to keep fighting. There is something worth it in the end.
    As far as being a "veteran". I don't care if you've had 20 deployments under your belt. The only "veteran" I know are the veterans who have served. Other than that, you are a military wife. You have no rank.
    Since you are older and wiser, use it for good. Not to flaunt that petty and insipid high school behavior around. Nobody is impressed.
    As far as I'm concerned, I'm a proud deployment survivor times 2 with a 3rd one on the way. It's going to be hard having my husband home only for a month or two after he gets back from this last one, but I'm cherishing every moment and not cursing everyone in sight.
    You better believe I'm going to be pooping some major fireworks and farting the biggest rainbows ever.
    If you have something to say about it, go ahead. Words are pointless if they have no affect on someone.

    Team RAINBOWS!!!!!

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  4. Some people must feed the drama llama. I find nothing wrong with your positivity and find it uplifting. I find myself complaining far to often. It's nice to find a positive place to visit to help me remember all the good things. Thanks you!

  5. I read one of the posts but didn't realize they were talking about you until I read your fb status and this post! Also the lady made it seem like you had no experience as a navy wife, when I know that you have been through so much already! I do agree that we are entitled to complain on our blogs but I don't think that gives any one the right to bash fellow mil spouses. Why can't we all just get along and support one another instead of saying, "I've been through so much more shit than you because of the military!" We all go through struggles and this is a hard life, if it was easy every one would do it but its far from easy! Either way, just rise above the drama. If being positive works for you then by all means do it. But for some people constant positivity is nauseating and I guess that to each's own. I'll admit I'm not always the most positive person, but I do try my best not to let things get the best of me.

  6. It's not about farting rainbows all the time because I know that all of us go through our fair share of heartache and loneliness. There are nights where you just cry into a pillow wishing he would just call or email. does suck sometimes BUT...having a positive attitude helps you get through the darkness (and your kids if you have them, which I have 4 of them). There comes a point where you just get use to him always being gone and when he is home, you enjoy that time you have with him.

    I don't understand how being positive and looking on the brighter side of things makes you wrong? Aren't we all as military wives suppose to support one another. All of us are dealing with "our life issue's" at the moment. No one person is better then another. Don't you want to be the best wife you can be for your husband and support him throughout his job regaurdless if it's for a 4yr enlistment or until retirement?

    Don't you want him to be proud of you for the way that you handle yourself?

    Again, being positive is JUST that. Your aloud your moment of weakness but how you handle yourself is what makes you stronger.

    I've had times where I have struggled but I didn't sit around feeling sorry for myself because that doesn't get me or my kids anywhere. I know I'm a strong women and wife to my Marine, and I am proud of that. I am setting a good example for my children just as my mother did for me.

    The whole "suck it up" attitude...I actually find truth in that. Not just being a military spouse but in life in general. Just suck whatever the situation is and move forward. No that doesn't make me wrong for thinking that way, it is just the way I am as a person. I was raised that way. Feeling sorry for yourself isn't going to get you anywhere in life. You have to face the hard road sometimes and continue uphill.

    I could go on and on about this issue....but I will end it here.

    Farting rainbows....that's cute!

  7. Here's the thing. You are for the most part a decently positive least when it comes to handling military situations.

    The down side. Whether you notice it or not, you are very judgmental person. I've observed this for quite sometime now, and you seem to put yourself on a very high pedestal and very vocally look down on people. You don't take in account that people have different situations than you or handle things differently. You just go on about how they should conduct themselves and then go on this big spiel about how you're doing it right.

    Most of these girls aren't jealous of you. They're just tired of being judged. And like I said, whether you notice it or not, and maybe you do and just don't care, you do it a lot. Look back on your entries and things you post about. A good portion of what you post about is what other people are doing wrong, or arguments you got into with other people. That's not what a positive person. That's a snarky, stuck up, judgmental person. That doesn't mean you're not entitled to your opinions. It is your blog after all. But just because what works for you and is right for you doesn't mean it works for other people. And when I think of someone shitting rainbows and vomiting bunnies or whatever that person said, you would be the last person I think of. People who are in that category are very friendly, open minded, and don't constantly judge others.

    I don't care if you make the comment public or not, since it's meant for you really than anyone else. I defriended you as well as stopped following your blog (and this will be the last time I visit regardless whether or not you or others respond) because I'm tired of how you treat others. As an actual positive and optimistic person, it's just gotten tiring. Mind you, I'm not trying to attack you, but I think people who actually know you are afraid to call you out on it because they're afraid to get on your bad side and end up in one of your rants.

    Now there's many good things about you, and you seem to be a strong woman. But please, please learn be to a little more open minded and realize that you like to feed into drama. I know it's like a high when you get into arguments, especially when you think you're on the higher ground. But nothing good comes from it. And in the end you'll lose real friends that can be a good and positive influence in your life.

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  9. Omg, I fart rainbows, too! I wonder if there's a pot of gold under my ass. :)

    Gah, I have too much to say... I'm going to start following your blog and added it to my blogroll. It's always a rare find to come across someone who is *gasp* positive about military life.

  10. I shit glitter and fart rainbows all the FREAKING TIME!! Man o man!! :) I officially <3 you. We're besties, mmkay? Haha.

    I wanna join the farting rainbows club!!!! *jumps up and down*

  11. You keep up that positive attitude! Positivity is amazing and does amazing things!
    We should get rid of the negativity and start a Holiday Navy Wifes Positive Cards mailer!
    We can send nice positive notes to each other throughout the holidays! It will help those negative people change their attitudes and make new friends :)

  12. Shell, I agree very much!

    I Love you Sam! Yes, Team Rainbows! ;)

    Lindsay, I was shocked when all the drama came up. I was simply just trying to show the positivity in the situation. I was caught off guard when I was ganged up on for merely being positive.

    Poekitten, Thank you. I think we can all be negative. There will always be things that bring us down, it's natural. I know I have my days.. But at the same time, I don't let it consume me. I have my moment, then I tell myself "Get Over it". Kind of like my mom always said, "No use crying over spilt milk".

    Goodnight Moon, This is why I love you Amber! We think so much alike. I never said that we can't miss our SO's (that's just silliness), and If you NEVER have a moment that gets to you... I wouldn't think that person is human! Like you said, it's about how you handle the situation. You represent yourself, Your marriage & Husband, and being married to the military.. your words can reflect the military as well. ;)

    Oh Ashley, *snickers*
    2 comments to get your point across? Can't say that it exactly worked. First off, I'd like to remind you that you found my blog and chose to follow me. Then chose to find me on facebook. You friended me ;) AND you have commented numerous of my blogs saying how you agree with me.. so if My posts make me judgmental, look in the mirror sweetie because that makes you just as judgmental. Honestly, I don't see where you're pulling this judgmental nonsense. Just because my beliefs are stated and wrote about on MY blog doesn't mean that anyone has to share them. A person's beliefs do not make one to be a judgmental person. You share some of the same beliefs (or you merely just comment blogs to say you agree), but because you don't blog about them.. you're not judgmental. Hmm.. How exactly does that work again? I don't put myself on a pedestal.. wait, ya know what. YOU are right! I do put myself up there in my own eyes because I have high expectations of myself... and I achieve my goals. And again, Who was the ones judging? Obviously you didn't read too much huh. I simply shared some positive light to a situation, and had more than 4 blogs posted negatively about me JUDGING me. You've got your mind all twisted ;). And again, You followed me.. I haven't changed ;)

    NHGirl, I'm still looking for that pot of Gold under mine! ;)

    Adrienne, Besties fo' Life! ;) And You are now in the Rainbow farting club hehe.. Oh, What color glitter do you want to poop? Haha

    Faby, That would be a really neat idea! I know I love positive notes!

  13. What's an underway?? I see Navy wives talk about that a lot but Navy is totally greek to me...

    but as for the meat of this post, I 100% agree with you. Like I said on FB, there's a silver lining to everything. What did those wives think was going to happen when they married their husbands? Did they think their marital status would change their career and they wouldn't have to be deployed or out training?

  14. Bonnie, Underways are the ship's deployment training. They can go out for a day or for over a month. My husband just got home from a 21 day underway, before that.. it was 40 days. They usually come home for a week or two and go right back out. It's like that up until Deployment.. With my hubs schedule + these underways.. I have spent about a month's time with him since April. For that, I am very thankful. The underways are constant adjusting periods. They leave, you have to adjust to them being gone.. by the time you start to fully adjust, the ship comes home, leaving you to readjust all over again. And before completely adjusting.. they leave again. Like I've told a friend, when Deployment comes, I will actually be thankful to be able to get on a schedule and FULLY adjust again. lol

  15. So I broke my own rule and came back to check. Actually the 2nd comment that posted was meant to be the first. It was much longer, but when I tried to published it it said it was too long. Then I went for a shorter comment which ended in the 2nd one. I wasn't actually expending it to publish but eh, what can you do.

    I do agree with you on some things, absolutely. But the major difference is I don't make it my duty to call out people on our differences and I also acknowledge that what works for me doesn't work for other people. And you're right, I friended you first. I friended you and followed you because my first impression of you was that you were strong, smart girl...but that you came off as stuck up. But as a part to improve myself because I know I have my own character flaws, I wanted to at least give you a chance and get to know you a little better in hoping that you would prove me wrong. And you didn't.

    I figured this would go past your head. People such as yourself don't like any kind on criticism whether constructive or not. And it just makes me feel bad because as I've said before, you're going to intimidate and scare off some good, potential friends with your attitude. If you fail to see that maybe you are being too hard on people and a little close minded, that's your problem and naturally, will have to live with the consequences. I just ask that you instead of leaving another sarcastic response, you actually look at the things you involve yourself in and the impression that you leave. All I got off from this new drama mess you got yourself into (yes, you put yourself there by judging someone else), was you once again were adding in your two sense on how someone should be approaching and handling the military life. Them defending themselves is natural. They didn't necessarily go about it the right way, and they shouldn't have attacked you like that. But what you said in the first place wasn't appropriate either.

    Sorry I broke my rule, it won't happen again. I really don't want to go back and forth with you because I don't like confrontation believe it or not. I just feel like someone needs to be honest with you and report their observations. I'm seriously just trying to help you out because I know we don't usually notice negative behavior we put forth until someone actually points it all. All we can do from there is either take it and learn/grow from it, or we can remain stuck.

  16. Oy, and once again it cut off my comment. Let me resend the last paragraph since that's honestly the important part of my reply and it'll probably do the same thing with the double comments and cut off the latter half. Don't worry, I'm gone. No more being annoyed and bugged by me :)

    "Sorry I broke my rule, it won't happen again. I really don't want to go back and forth with you because I don't like confrontation believe it or not. I just feel like someone needs to be honest with you and report their observations. I'm seriously just trying to help you out because I know we don't usually notice negative behavior we put forth until someone actually points it all. All we can do from there is either take it and learn/grow from it, or we can remain stuck. "

  17. OMG I didn't know I started something with the whole shit glitter and fart rainbows! Wow. I guess I should be proud of myself huh? Anyways, were you a pageant girl?

  18. Oh man. I have little to say here that hasn't already been said. Basically, you rock. Those of us who really understand and embrace this life, will "get you" and those who don't, well, she chose her path.

    You go girl.

  19. Thanks for the laugh! Love this post! A positive attitude makes a world of difference. My husband is currently on his first deployment right now, and I told him the other day that I think his deployment has created a much more positive attitude for me - as crazy as it sounds. We have alot less communication than most of the couple on post because of his job and location, so I have learned not to take the little things for granted and when somebody complains that she hasn't heard from her husband in ONE day, I just smile and think to myself, somebody don't know how good they have it!

  20. Ya know..I'm not in the military..yet. And I'm definitely not married to..yet lol. But I see negative attitudes just in talking to people about joining. I am genuinely excited. I know it's going to be hard but I can't wait to dive in so to speak lol. Hearing people tell me all of the bad stuff just makes me want to punch them in the face. I don't care about that. I know this is what's going to make me happy and that's that. I don't necessarily fart rainbows all the time but when it comes to this part of my life I certainly do. And I appreciate your blogs because I can see both the positive and negative sides but in a positive light! So thank you. :)

  21. from one quote lover to another:

    "The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy." -Meryl Streep

    A little empathy goes a long way. dont say handle it when you havent had to, or really even if you had. I can read about loosing a leg but im not going to go to someone who has and say "handle it" then explain that im entitled because ive lost a toe nail and have read about amputees.
    It is fantastic that you are a strong woman who can have a positive outlook but dont condemn those who are having a harder time and just need a shoulder to cry and someone to say you know what that does suck and im sorry youre heartbroken. Your strength could be better used helping others up rather than kicking them down.

  22. Ashley, Welcome back! ;)
    Who have I called out? I've mentioned noone. I just state my general belief, I'm not sorry if you or someone fits with something I don't agree with. That's not being judgmental just because I have a different belief and freely state it.
    Too bad you think I'm stuck up.. I'm a darn good friend. But clearly we can't be friends since we disagree on so much ;) so I guess there's no loss there.
    And the "Friends" I "scare" away.. we'll those aren't the friends I want anyways. I'm not going to change my beliefs or how I state them just because I may intimidate me. The friends I have, have just as strong of an opinion as I do.. even if some of theirs are different. They aren't "Scared".
    Funny how you see it as being closed minded.. I see it as being open minded because I can freely voice my beliefs. I don't judge as you assume I do. I respect other's opinions, If I didn't, my blog on Don't ask don't tell.. or the Healthcare reform, etc. would have been closed to comments. I don't agree with people over how they believe something, I will however say something back if I'm attacked for my beliefs.. which was this situation. Again, who is the one judging?
    You'll be back.. You may not comment so you look as if you're not breaking your "Rule" but you'll come back to see the responses. You've already done it once.

  23. Felicitas Linda, Be proud ;)
    And no, I was not a Pageant girl. Is that another derogatory meaning to you?

    Mel, Thank ya! :D

    Dave and Ashley, I believe that a positive attitude makes a world of difference as well! And exactly, People take so much for granted that they refuse to see and acknowledge!

    Jennifer, You're going to be one outstanding female sailor. I know this for knowing your personally and they things you say. I know that you will thrive in the military lifestyle.. and I hope that one day, you will be stationed in the same area and the hubs and I go one day! Welcome to the Rainbow farting club!

    Katie Darling, What is wrong with saying handle it. Is it better to say.. "Keep sulking, be miserable.. it's not worth it to be happy?" GREAT way to look at it ;)
    And yes, I HAVE told someone who lost a leg to Handle it. I've lost nothing, I know I have Everything to be grateful for. But that person has their life to be thankful for. I don't have to explain my reasonings for telling my cousin to handle it either, so that I'm not going to do.
    Who am I condemning? There's a difference from having a hard time and handling it than there is having a hard time and doing nothing to improve upon the situation. THAT is the point of "Handle it". EVERYONE has hard times. There is a difference between needing that shoulder and merely just making the situation worse. I believe "Handle It" is helping others.. not kicking them down. I'm that friend that every military SO needs that tells them to Handle it... I'm not that friend that says "You poor baby".