Saturday, November 27, 2010


April, The Life of A Sailor's Empress is one of my "in real life" friends. She is a sweetheart.  She is bubbly, but also another one of those ladies that stands firm on what she believes. Which is the type of gals I like to be around.

I was so happy when April volunteered to guest blog! Her blog is newer, and like me.. she uses her blog to get out whatever pops into her  mind. She's carefree and says what she thinks.

Here is what April is Thanking the Military for today:


I have a lot to be thankful for as far as the military is concerned. As a military daughter, friend, and spouse I am proud to say if it weren't for the Navy I would not be here today. My father was stationed and still works on Norfolk Naval Base when he met my mom who was from a small town in Pa. They were great friends and my father served this nation on ships. And then he served his country again as a DOD worker. All the years growning up even though he wasn't there he was my hero because later in life I wanted to join the Navy but due to health reasons I could not. But I met my best friend whose husband was stationed at N.O.B! We were the best of friends and still are to this day. I have always been a strong supporter of the Armed Forces but I kind of understood the position of a wife. I was living in Hawaii and working on MCBH when I met the one I married. I was at first doubtful because I thought of everything that my best friend went through being a military wife. So I went on my first date and well after that the rest is history. I eventually had to leave to come back to Virginia. Here is where I learned how to be a emotionally strong woman. Reguardless of how much my hubby was in danger I still kept a strong face and a fighting spirit.  Here in Virginia is where I met some awesome women who helped me through hard times. I am very thankful for these ladies Tia, Christina, Morgan, and Shaunell. From them I have learned that it is okay to be who you are and still be married to the military. I am thankful to the Navy cause it taught me to be strong and I learned patience from it. Also having a dad in the military kind of shapens you for the world more. The military has given me a awesome dad and some kick butt friends who are considered family. Along with a cool brother and mother. The Navy has been a big part of my life and I am blessed to have such a amazing family and bunch of friends.  I thank the men and women who serve for protecting our freedom and the scarifice they have made in thier life.

Happy Thanksgiving
April Lawson


  1. I love this blog and hate the pic lol... I am really thankful for more than that as far as the military is concerned. the Navy life made me who I am today along with other things. I am thankful in general to the Navy, my family, and friends.

  2. Thank you for sharing