Friday, July 22, 2011

Why So Serious?

For more than 2 weeks now, I have been without internet. It has been wonderful (although at times, like when blogging, annoying!)! It makes me realize how much time people, including myself are spending online... especially Facebook.

We're told that Crack is addictive- well, so is Facebook. Even without having access to internet via computer, I still find myself on Facebook (darn smart phones!).

Something I've noticed aside from it being addictive, is people take the internet (*couch*cough* Facebook) entirely way too serious.

Facebook has become too many people's lifeline.. too many people see it as "real life". To me, Facebook is becoming a reality TV Show played out via social networking. And like reality TV shows, not everything you see or read via Facebook is "real". There's fake people, liars, drama, mulitple personalities, etc. It's all on there.

Who needs reality TV or Soaps for amusement from drama when you can just read it every day- at any time?

Some peope take Facebook too serious. If you don't reply to someone's message or comment, then that must mean you're not a "real" friend or it means you're fake.

If you or when you're in need of a friend's help- immediately- did Facebook replace a telephone, cell phone or text? Who decided that if one doesn't see a message or comment from another that by them not replying in time of need make them "fake" or not a true friend? Serious questions.

I find it humorous. I really do.

Facebook is not serious. It's just a way of sharing your life in a different way with those you choose to (the world because not everything is private with Facebook).

Why so serious? Lay off the cra... I mean Facebook. Look at everything you're missing out on by being on Facebook all day.

No time to get in shape you say? GET OFF FACEBOOK. The time it took you to read status updates, or post a status.. or comment, or to login to Facebook.. you could have done a couple crunches.. pushups, etc. Just sayin'.

This whole no having internet thing.. is wonderful. It's proof where so much extra time is spent.


  1. Very well said, my dear. It never ceases to amaze me how much people count on Facebook to get the word out about something. Or to just air their dirty laundry. And I am always amazed at how much I get done when I don't get on Facebook during the day. I'm weaning myself for sure. LOL

  2. I'm that person to tell people "Hey by the way, this is what I think about the world knowing personal stuff" But it's true way to many people know about way to many things about others that they shouldn't. Any how. Hope the doctors figure it out. It really is annoying when they don't have the answers.

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