Monday, July 11, 2011

One Day and a Wake Up!

It is officially homecoming week for the USS Enterprise! Meaning, my husband will be home soon!

The ship will be home Friday. My husband is flying in 2 days early to make room for the Tiger Cruise (he decided to do this because he got pegged for pull-in duty).

So, that means I have ONE day and then I WAKE UP to go pick up my husband!

Who is Kid in a candy store excited? That's right. ME!

The past week has bee extremely stressful for me. I am officially moved into OUR new house. Boxes are everywhere. I still want everything perfect, so.. I'm pretty sure tonight will be an all nighter with lots and lots of COFFEE!

I had to take our new kitten, Converse, to the emergency vet the other day. Roo "pawed" him in the head.. somehow managed to cut his mouth, bust his nose and hit him in head so hard that it brought blood to his right eye. Needless to say, I was a wreck. Seeing all the blood pouring from his mouth and nose... and then his eye and face swelling, I thought Roo has accidently killed my new kitten. Thankfully, it looked much worse than it was. Today is Con man's follow up vet appointment. Today we should know if little man will be blind in that eye or not. I really really hope he's going to be perfectly a-ok! All swelling is gone, his eye is starting to look normal again, still a bit red though. So, I'll just keep my fingers crossed!

I have a to-do list that is a mile long, and no time to do it all! But, I'm at the point where I have accepted it. Is he REALLY going to pay attention to the house? Probably not.

I have my homecoming dress ready, jewelry, shoes and Photographer are all in check! What's missing? My Husband, my Sailor!

One day and a wake up and then I can say, "Been there, done that, got the Tshirt"

(This post is OPSEC approved seeing as the Military, the Navy and the Ship have released homecoming information to the public)

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  1. How exciting!! Congratulations to you and your hubby!! And you're right the house won't matter...he'll just be thrilled to see you. Have a productive week and a fun homecoming!