Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to Normal?

The husband has been home over a month now. I assumed we would be on some sort of "Normal" scheduled by now... but that's hardly the case.

I can't say I know what's "normal" anymore!

This whole deployment I have said I can't wait to  have a normal schedule with him when deployment is over. Before deployment, he was working a CRAZY schedule. We hardly spent any time together the year leading up to deployment.

I guess his crazy schedule became our "Normal".

Now that deployment is over, we are adjusting to the many changes from the past 6 months. We're moved into our new house, and now.. we're constantly trying to put our own touches on it.. as well as trying to find time to finish unpacking! We bought a new car. Now, even the bill schedule is thrown off because I had to add a new bill in that we didn't have before. Here lately, there's no planning anything. It's all been last minute- "Hey, let's go do 'this'". Which is all in good fun, I would just like SOMETHING to be planned. I NEED some sort of Organization in my life right now!

Is it bad that the only organized thing around me right now is my Pinterest account?
Don't answer that.

My husband's work schedule isn't steady. It's a day to day thing- which doesn't bother me.. It's nice just having him home.

Honestly, the lack of organization right now is stressing me out a bit. The Husband knows it too. Thankfully, he's awesome and has a huge help with everything [at times]. I admit. My husband is a bit of a slob... a BIG slob. But occasionally, he'll clean the kitchen, or pick up the living room... or he'll cook dinner.

When there's so much going on, or every day seems so busy with no break.. I get burnt out. I'm exhausted. I need a day to sit on my Booty and drink a cup of coffee while watching Golden Girls.

This week has been pretty stressful. Lots of running and getting things done, late night emergency vet Trip because Roo bit Converse (my poor kitten now has a broke nose), earthquake yesterday- which I admit wasn't scary too much... just a bit shocking, Kid Rock concert and today.. I'm just wore out.

Not to mention the doctor appointments I've had recently.

I'm so tired. I slept all day today, and I am still exhausted, but there is not sleep in sight. Insomnia.

I'm getting up early tomorrow to pick up the hubby from duty and then we are heading to the command picnic. I'm hoping to squeeze in an afternoon nap.

What is Normal?


  1. Girl! What is Normal? I've been married to the Navy for 9 years now! Chaos is normal. haha. No but seriously, have u heard of the book called "Eat That Frog"? Its amazing! It's all about goal setting and organization. I wish I had more input. But i definitely feel u on this!

  2. Military Wife normal is the uncertainty from one day to the next. Its not being able to write in pen because things change constantly. Military life is thinking that not having a steady schedule is "Normal" lol.

  3. I'm not sure there is a set definition of normal. I'll keep you in my thoughts that organization comes to you soon!