Friday, July 9, 2010

"While You're Away" Contest- TIME TO VOTE!

**voting will cease at 1159pm on July 12, 2010

Here are the blogs Up for vote! PLEASE Check them out! 
Another Deployment- my deployment playlist
Life as an MP's Wife-My Top 5 Songs For This Deployment
the Somarribas- while you're away contest
As The Crow Flies- While You're Away
My Life as a Sailor's Princess- Oh Em Gee! Another contest! I want, want, WANT!!! 
 Helen and the Hellcats- While Your Away - Top 5
Confessions of a Sailor's Wife- while youre away

Entry to the Contest is now closed! Thank you to all the lovely ladies who entered! Voting has now started. You can find the Poll to vote in the sidebar to the right. -->

You have about 6 days of time for voting. PLEASE don't cheat. Be mindful of others and only vote once.

Remember the Rules for pimping the contest. Don't remember? Let me post it again ;)
4. You are allowed to pimp out the contest.. but DO NOT post for them to just vote for you. The point of this is to have people read your post, and others as well. Saying, "I entered the "while you're away" contest, please read my post and vote for me", Is OK. Simply saying, "Vote for my blog".. eh, not so much. You should link them to your post and if they choose to vote for you, they can find my blog to vote by the link you post in your blog post. If I see people just saying "Vote for me" and not linking their blog.. I will drop you from the contest. I want this to be a fair vote!

Recap on Prizes:

1st place:
- Custom Blogger template (Header, Background, Button, signature & Coding) OR Custom made Tshirt from CRushGFX
-1 photo edit. (You send me a picture and I have fun with it) I use Photoshop CS3 for my edits. Large photo is required and will have to be sent to me via email. [email:]
-A blogger award from my blog. (one made by me for winning my competition)
-be mentioned on my Blog :)

2nd place:
- Custom Graphic or Blogger Button
--1 photo edit. (You send me a picture and I have fun with it) I use Photoshop CS3 for my edits. Large photo is required and will have to be sent to me via email. [email:]
-be mentioned on my Blog :) 

3rd place:
- Custom Graphic or Blogger Button
-be mentioned on my Blog :)

Feel free to leave a comment on what you thought about this blog contest. Also, PLEASE visit the ladies blog and comment their playlist! :D

Happy Voting :)


  1. that's terrible!! i know it sounds cliche, but i honestly think that they are just jealous. because they see the devotion you have for your husband and they are insecure in themselves. i know its hard, but do your best not to let it get you down!! :)

  2. I was away while you did your contest. I know its over but I blogged anyway. I have a couple songs you might be able to add to your list.

    I voted too. One blog I noticed was set to private, so she probably isn't getting many votes.

  3. I have a question about the prizes - I was really hoping for first place, because I wanted a custom t-shirt. For now I am only in 3rd place, which I am also good with ;) If I hold that spot til the contest ends, can I get the custom blog button for my baby blog instead of my deployment blog? Just wondering - and THANKS for hosting another awesome giveaway!

  4. [Briar] . Designs- I'm sorry you missed it! I'm glad you participated though! I'll have to check out your list :)

    Gaile- Sure thing! That's perfectly fine with me.