Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sometimes You Just have to Flick the World Off and Shut the Door

Thank you to everyone who sent supportive comments to my last blog post. They meant a lot to me and were very much needed. There was more to the situation then what was posted, but only a select few people really know the whole thing. I prefer to keep it that way.

Since my last blog post, I have been keeping myself very busy, and kept myself away from blogger and away from Facebook. So, now.. I'm trying to catch up. I've missed alot! But, I'm happy I took time for myself. We all need time to ourselves every now and then.

I'm so happy I have some very supportive friends and followers on my blog. There are people who are always there for you, and in a situation when you truly need a friend, you find out who your closest friends really are.

I got tons of support, and honestly didn't really expect anything. I just needed a place to let my feelings come out.. and my blog is always that place. I received so many comments on here and also on FB (my blog feeds to my facbook profile), all of them uplifting (well, with the exception of one very rude comment), and supportive. Again, thank you. Although I do not know many of you who read this, I feel like I have someone who listens.

When all this happened, I bottled it all up. I guess I felt it was easier to deal with if it didn't get talked about. Well, as most of us know.. bottling things up isn't the best thing to do. I had my moment.

I received a text from a friend that makes me smile, and at the same time is oh so very true (minus the fact that she can be a bitch.. I've never seen it lol). It said :
"Sometimes I feel like you don't let yourself have a bad day, where you stay in your pjs and just do whatever you want. You try to be positive all the time. When sometimes you just have to flick the world off for a day and shut the door. You're so sweet to everyone all the time. Take a lesson from someone who can be a real bitch at times"
 I realize I am always a positive person. I don't think that's a bad quality to have.. however, Who said you can't have a bad day, or that you won't face hard situations? It's ok to have a bad day.. to let people see you upset. EVERYONE has a bad day from time to time.

In the time that I was away, I did 3 shoots. I did a Maternity shoot, Family shoot and just today I did a 1st birthday shoot. Once I get my photography Blog going, I will do posts about each shoot. I'll post a link here when I get it all pretty for those who want to see more (hopefully someone!)  Meanwhile, here's a little preview:

To the ladies who one my most recent contest, Please email me. I have only Heard from Brittany, and would like to get you your prizes!

Hopefully I will get some good posts going on this well. I now have 175 followers... Wowza! If you have anything you would like me to blog about or a question, Post a comment. I'll get on it! :)


  1. Ily. I agree with your friend. Have a bad day for once and dont be nice to the people that arent nice to you! If not all the time, at least once :)

  2. I love you girlie!!!! I'm glad that I'm one of those selective few:)

    As for your pics....they are da'bomb!!!! Really, they have all been so great!!!! Keep up the good work missy!

  3. Sometimes we have to disengage ourselves to allow for ourselves to find our peace again. I wish for time to fly for you so you are back in his arms again.

  4. I agree with your friend. It is okay to have a bad day; it doesn't mean that you're weak, it means you're human. I'm glad you feel your blog is a safe place to express those feelings and that you receive support and encouragement from followers in return. I feel the same way about my blog :)