Monday, July 26, 2010

Expressing Yourself -vs- OPSEC

Today, I was directed to a blog post that urked one of my friends to see how I felt about it. Well, the more I sit here and think about it.. the more I let it bother me. Hence the blog.

First off, let me just say that OPSEC is something I follow all the time, as ANYONE associated to a service member should.

After reading the blog post Ah, OPSEC posted on Semper Spouse by "Alpha Wife", I was absolutely disgusted. I posted the link her blog post on Facebook as well. Seems so many agree with me, as they should.. on this subject anyway.

If you didn't click the Links above to read her post, let me just break it down some:

"if I find myself needing to share some of them in order to get something off my chest, I will." [referring to sharing deployment details]

She finds it alright to put her husband and his unit at risk for her to "Get something off her chest". If my husband was in her husband's command.. I would be livid. Hell, this upsets me and he's not connected to my husband!

"So there's a big middle finger to OPSEC, I suppose. They can't silence me and expect me to let everything build up inside me just because they are a bunch of paranoids have set guidelines that they think every spouse should adhere to." 

 Paranoids? Try concerned for the safety of our men and women who are fighting over there this very moment, and any person wearing a uniform serving in the United States Military. They have set these guidelines for a reason. And by YOU being in a relationship with a service member it is YOUR responsibility to adhere to them.

"I have a blog so that I can spill things the way I see it. And if one sneaky terrorists came to MY blog and decided to do any no-good deed to whoever because of details that I shared, then whatever, I'll take responsibility."

By this.. She is saying that she will take responsibility.. Is she saying that she will gladly take responsibility of a wounded service member, or even worse a fallen service member?! Is she the one who will tell a child that her father was killed because she couldn't keep her mouth shut and didn't care that she put so many at risk just so she could express herself? Yes, I'm on a rant. I'm livid.

Is it just me, or is the linked post a very selfish and disgusting post? We would all love to go on and on about when our loved one is coming home, or rant about how we don't want them to leave on "such and such" date. BUT is it really worth it to put your husband in harms way? NO IT'S NOT and if you think it is.. YOU ARE ONE SICK AND TWISTED PERSON!

You can express yourself without posting any information putting the Military at risk. I know this.. I have been doing it for a while now with My brother being in the service and now my husband. Not just me, but the family members of service members I'm friends with in person and Facebook as well.. It doesn't just stop there.. look at all the military significant others who post blogs.. They express themselves and THEY KEEP THEIR LOVED ONES SAFE BY NOT POSTING SENSITIVE INFORMATION!

Seriously, Some people do not need to be allowed to be associated with ANYTHING dealing with the Military. I pray to God that her husband doesn't know she poss the foolish mess that she has been.


  1. So glad to see you posting about this too to know I'm not the only one completely disgusted with her. She is a complete Mil Spouse FAIL & doesn't deserve to be with someone who's defending our country. If she keeps this up she might not be seeing how she's putting his life in danger!

  2. This blog post is making the rounds today! I read it via someone else's blog. I can't believe her attitude and her way of thinking. We all want to whine about her hubby's leaving, but whine to your best friend or your mom, don't get on a soapbox and whine to the world.

  3. I'm so disgusted I can't even see straight! I went over there and blogged about it too! I wish I knew her husband, I would gladly let him know his own wife is putting him in harms way!

  4. What an complete MORON!!! How can someone be so selfish and so stupid at the same time...

  5. *I posted this n Mrs. Gambizzle's entry too*

    I'm so glad I didn't jump on the "semper spouse" bandwagon... the first graphic they had offended me... it made me think that their view of Marine wives was something like a "trophy" it was ridiculously and overtly sexy.

    Then this... those ladies don't seem like they get the whole military spouse thing. It seems more like it's some kind of game. It makes me very sad.

    I pray none of our husbands ever deploy with hers!

  6. Sorry but I have no good things to say about anyone who wants to give OPSEC the finger. You can easily get things off your chest without breaking it.

  7. that chick is freaking crazy!! i can't believe it. UGH!!!

  8. Wow! I can't believe that! She needs to talk to me because my husband's CSM found my blog when he was in AIT and I was unknowingly breaking OPSEC. And that was when he was in the states - SAFE. OPSEC is a big deal. You can't just ignore it because you're not active duty or otherwise. Her husband should be ashamed of her.