Sunday, July 4, 2010

"While You're Away" Contest (150 followers!!)

Had this all typed out and then My computer died. The cat unplugged the charge cord and I wasn't paying any attention. So, here we go again.. 2 days later haha :p

It's that time again!!
I have been planning this for a while.. as far as prizes that is. The hubby and I thought of the Question you have to answer to be in the contest a couple days ago.

As most of you know, my husband has been undergoing a strenuous underway schedule and we are currently preparing for the dreaded "Big D" in the Near Future. While my husband is away, I have a playlist on my ipod titled "While you're Away" that I listen over and over. I currently have about 100 songs on my playlist.

I was going to post my playlist, but I decided to have a little more fun with it first, and get my readers involved!
I know you're wondering where I'm getting to with this.. so here we go!

I want to know your playlist! Yea, there's a little more to it. Let's just get to the Rules!

Contest Entry Rules:
1. I want you to post a blog listing your top 5 songs that you listen to most while you're significant other is away. That's not all...  I want you to tell me why you chose each song and why they have meaning to you!
2. Post a link to my blog or this contest post IN YOUR BLOG POST.
3. Post a link to Your contest entry post as a comment in this Blog post.
4. You are allowed to pimp out the contest.. but DO NOT post for them to just vote for you. The point of this is to have people read your post, and others as well. Saying, "I entered the "while you're away" contest, please read my post and vote for me", Is OK. Simply saying, "Vote for my blog".. eh, not so much. You should link them to your post and if they choose to vote for you, they can find my blog to vote by the link you post in your blog post. If I see people just saying "Vote for me" and not linking their blog.. I will drop you from the contest. I want this to be a fair vote!
5. Contest starts Now! Contest will end Monday, July 5 2010 night at 1159pm eastern time. Voting will be set up Tuesday, July 6, 2010 after the contest ends, voting will cease at 1159pm on July 12, 2010.

When you post your submission, Your link will be posted at the bottom of this blog post.

Now for the prizes! :)

1st place:
- Custom Blogger template (Header, Background, Button, signature & Coding) OR Custom made Tshirt from CRushGFX
-1 photo edit. (You send me a picture and I have fun with it) I use Photoshop CS3 for my edits. Large photo is required and will have to be sent to me via email. [email:]
-A blogger award from my blog. (one made by me for winning my competition)
-be mentioned on my Blog :)

2nd place:
- Custom Graphic or Blogger Button
--1 photo edit. (You send me a picture and I have fun with it) I use Photoshop CS3 for my edits. Large photo is required and will have to be sent to me via email. [email:]
-be mentioned on my Blog :) 

3rd place:
- Custom Graphic or Blogger Button
-be mentioned on my Blog :)

There you have it! Hope this contest is just as successful as my last one. :)

P.S. Check out the group on Facebook a couple friends and I created called While You're Away for everyone who goes through periods of time without their significant other to share music, books, quotes and blogs that help you while he's away.

Time for the Entries!

Gaile- Another Deployment
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the Somarribas- while you're away contest
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  1. OK I posted my top five (there is no #1, #2, etc...can't choose an actual favorite)

    They are actually all PLAYING on my blog playist already, too. :)

  2. Ok Mrs. Christina, hopefully I did this all right...Here are my top 5 songs for while my hubster is gone.
    Like Gaile, most of my songs are already playing on my blog!!
    Please check out my post and don't forget to vote for me=)

  3. I just posted five of my faves! I can't wait to see what other people post!

  4. I selected my five, in no particular order because they're all incredibly special and important to us!

    Check out my blog here:

    It's set to private, but shoot me an email at and I'll gladly allow any/all readers to take a peak! Don't feel like a blog creep; send me an email!! =)

  5. here's my post!

  6. Of course your gonna have a contest like this when I can't do it! BLECK! I've had my MIL here, and now I'm heading out of town. Darn you! Your suppose to run stuff like this by me first.

  7. Hi, I am new to the blog ring and found you through Brittany's page. Looking forward to reading more. :)

  8. Here are my top 5!

  9. I posted 10 cause it's hard to choose only 5 lol

  10. edited down to 5 :)

  11. I have updated the list :)
    I have left my comments to you.

    Navywife102409, I tried to comment your post, but there is no comment button.

    Amber.. Make some time!! I want you in this! :D

  12. I think I fixed it! I hope, would you mind trying to comment and seeing if I did it right? Thanks!