Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Making Problems Public Domain

I have several "Blogs" going on in my head. Eventually I'll get them all out. Every time I got to type about something.. somehting else pops up that I feel like writing about even more.

The blog I'm writing now, I wasn't going to blog about it... But I read This post (linked) by Navy Doll  and after commenting her blog, I couldn't resist. It was a situation both she and I witnessed on Facebook this evening that I totally disagree with. I would like to know what others think about it as well.

There was a Navy Fiance that posted a vulgar status update toward her fiance. By vulgar.. I'm not meaning sexually or anything good. Evidently they were having a little spat and she decided to air out their "Dirty Laundry" (as Navy Doll put it) on Facebook for the world to see.

And of course, when you update your status.. You welcome comments. If you don't want someone to comment your status or "like" your status.. Why do you post it?

Everyone started posting comments on what she needed to do.. etc. etc. You call someone a "F***ing A**" of course someone's going to say "leave him".. someone's going to say "why are you with him".. blah blah.

I simply posted that this struggle they were going through didn't need to be up to the decision of anyone but her and her Sailor. It's their problem, and basically by posting it on a social media site is just fueling the fire. She needed to be the one to make the decision based on what she wanted and what was best for her.

After I posted my comment, I noticed a comment before mine that I must have skipped over. A girl posted something similar to "They are all a**es" and went on to say "The wives are the 'Power of the Navy'" some BS like that. I wanted to snap, but bit my tongue. Evidently I wasn't the only one who was offended. A couple other girls lashed out. One girl posted what I was thinking. Went something like: "To [person posted the BS comment], if you seriously think that, then what the hell is my husband and so many others out there while were here, since we're the 'Power of the Navy'".

Just out of curiosity, Why do people Post about things that should really be kept Personal? Every couple has problems at some point. Do you honestly think that by making it public record that you are going to make the Situation any better? Or when you are having a hard time with your SO you change your relationship status to "It's Complicated". Are you just wanting attention?

I could continue on with this blog, but it would turn into a repeat of a blog I wrote back in January called Blame Yourself. By the way, I wrote that the same week I opened my blog on Facebook. I caught hell for it, but all the girls that got their panties in a wad over it, were some of the girls I had in mind as I was writing it.


  1. This is one of the reason I have a fan page and a personal page. Those I'm ok with seeing and commenting on my dirty laundry are on my personal page. I am bipolar and have diarrhea of the mouth and sometime me posting a "vulgur" fb status just makes me feel better even though I know it isn't right. A lot of the time I go back and erase sometimes even b4 whoever it is directed at see's it, but at least my blog subscribers don't have to see just how psycho I really am...LOL

    ♥ SailorWifey

  2. I agree with you. I also think it's very disrespectful for a wife to badmouth her husband that way. If a married couple are going through problems and a wife needs to vent her frustrations and maybe get some advice from online people, she has that right, but I think there is a more respectful, better way to do that than just go on a rampant tirade badmouthing everyone. She may be mad at her husband but he still deserves to be treated with respect.

  3. I'm just saying that if you air stuff like that...then you probably aren't in the best reletionship, whether it's a marriage or someone your dating. Seriously...if you post that crap, then you have NO respect for your husband/boyfriend WHATSOEVER!!! We can all get upset with things from time to time, but to say that he's and @$$...and air it publicly...not a great idea! I have a few people on my page that do this, and I don't respond to them. They are NOT worth it at all! They are just the kind of people that crave attention. I also love it when people update their status every 5 seconds...seriously? Do you not have anything better to do?

    Just like you, I could go on and on about this. But maybe because that is just the kind of mood I'm in?

    I hope you got some sleep last night!

  4. Of course I completely agree with you! :)

  5. i don't do drama. i've always said this and i live by that mantra.

    unfortunately, lots of my friends DO. it's a shame.

    but anyway, hi!

  6. I completely and utterly agree. Like most couples, my husband and I have our fair share of arguments. Not one of them have I aired out publicly because as you stated, that's between him and I.

    Probably some of the funniest (I know I shouldn't find it humorous but I can't help myself sometimes) vulgar status messages I've seen are the ones where the wife says horrible, anger induced comments about her husband...and her husband who has a FB account immediately sees it and they go at it right there on the status message. And half these couples are sitting in the same room!

  7. Don't know why on earth I wasn't technically following you but I am now! I've been reading your blog a while but just finally pushed the "follow" button!

  8. From my POV the people who post those types of statuses are mostly looking for attention and wanting to stir up drama. I avoid the drama llamas as much as possible.

  9. I think those are the people who really don't know what a relationship is about without the help of others or even the internet. These are the people who don't know how to make a decision without consulting half the world...wishing that they all agreed with them. It's sad.

    I mean...really, I am upset with my DH and kids a lot, but we keep that in house. It's not my mom's business or the person reading my facebook status business.

    Those incidents make me feel sorry for the other party for being thrown under the bus like that...whether they were an a$# or not, they have already been flamed and burned to the stake.

    That is my honest opinion!

  10. Saw the button you made Good Night Moon...look forward to following! I totally agree with your post...some things need to be kept private! Sometimes it would be smart to keep a journal of updates...LOL...instead of posting it...because I'm sure if you give yourself time to calm down, you're going to change your mind after the damage is done. I'm all about being honest but there are somethings that out of true respect for my husband I won't post all over the world wide one needs to know every little argument a couple gets into. When you post negative things about your bf/husband it just goes to show you have terrible communication & no respect whatsoever!

  11. She sounds like a vey immature person to me. I have a mouth like a sailor (prolly 'cause I married one lol), but I am offended by vulgar messages for some reason. It embarasses me as well. If I need to vent about my Hubby I usually save it for a close friend. My hubby doesn't check his FB page often- but I can imagine it would cause a great problem if I aired our dirty laundry. From my experience, most couples who fight dirty like that don't make it in the long run. That makes me sad...