Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Home Update

All of my family is safe and accounted for. Thank goodness.
I feel so helpless being 13 hours away. I feel like I should be doing something. But, what can you do when you're 1/2 a day away?

Tennessee is the Volunteer state. This time of crisis really proves why they are called that. People all across the state are reaching out to help. Our schools are opening their doors for shelters. Random strangers are reaching out to help those who lost everything. People are out in their boats helping anyone in need. The state is being brought together.

They are saying the flooding is worse than Katrina. Unlike Hurricane Katrina, Middle Tennessee is not getting any national attention. Which is sad to me. Seems like Tennessee is left to pick up the pieces themselves. Houses are completely under water. More than 12 people have been killed in Tennessee alone. Some people were trapped in their cars on the interstate, the flood waters covered cars. So many historic places are damaged. The Grand Old Opry, Opryland Hotel, Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Ryman all have water damage. It's such a sad time for Nashvillians.

Now for the Pictures:
Wal Mart in Ashland city before the water really came in
The roads in front of Harpeth High school
The only cow that survived from it's owner's farm. So sad.
LP Field/ Titans Stadium
Grand Ole Opry
What once was the Very beautiful Opryland Hotel.
Had to rescue more than 1,000 people. More than 10ft of water.
All the lower levels where completely flooded.

This car ended up being completely under water.
Country Music Hall of Fame before they were forced to open
the dams.
Opry Mills Mall- Rain Forest Cafe
The water got higher than this.

I could post so many more pictures, but I will leave it at this. Please continue to keep the flood victims in your prayers.


  1. That is so sad, those pictures break my heart. I'm so happy your family is safe though!

  2. Thank you. There are still people who are missing. My FIL was telling me of a man he knows that they haven't heard from. He tried to get to his house, but the water is too deep and the police have barricaded the roads.

  3. So glad to hear your family is ok!

  4. Wow, those are some crazy pictures of all the BIG attractions. I got a video today from my girlfriend of the Clarksville area (where my DF's house is). It is TERRIBLE! Sooooo sad!

    I'm very happy, though, that your family is safe!

  5. Clarksville got hit pretty hard. Riverside drive was completely flooded. Parts were flooded up to the college.
    No one saw it coming. It flooded so fast.

  6. So sorry that this is happening. I'm glad to hear your family's safe though. My family and I are keeping those affected by this in our prayers.

  7. Even though I've been looking at the pictures all week, they never fail to make me sad. I'm so appalled that the national media isn't all over this. I think we're up to 30 dead statewide and well over a billion dollars in damage in Nashville alone.

  8. I really wish the media would get on this like they should.

    BUT on a good note! Anderson Cooper is supposed to film his show in Nashville today. It's a start!

  9. OMG! I'm glad your family is okay, but these pictures break my heart. :(

  10. It was tough. Home is FINALLY getting some of the Coverage it needs. Thank You Anderson Cooper!
    Tide Loads of Hope are also coming to Nashville to help people as well. They are having trouble with Water Contamination.
    I have a friend that works with a guy that was away on Vacation, and when he came home, he found that both his mother and father drowned in the flood.
    It's so horrible.