Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Complaint Department, Take a Number

Yesterday I got Really irritated. Okay, honestly I was beyond irritated. I was on the verge of being irate! Ha, just realized.. I have 2 blogs (this being the 2nd) where I am CLEARLY on a rant.. and they both deal with Facebook. Why am I on that site again?

Ok, so it wasn't Facebook directly, but it petty girls on Facebook. I just read Mrs. Gambizzle's Post and this blog is related to hers. We're on the same rant.. and about the same person. Well, actually mine's more than just that person, but that person triggered my reaction. Am I rambling? pssh.

My husband's ship recently left for another workup. This one is one of the long stretches. I decide to get on Facebook yesterday morning, ya know.. to kinda put me in a good mood and talk to some of my military wife friends. Just wanted some casual conversation and maybe make some plans. What do I see as soon as I get on there? A girl posting "I don't need to see people whining and bitching about their guys being gone" She kinda rambled on and mentioned that she had her own problems that "are NOT military related". She has also posted that people need to "Suck it up and get over it. You signed up for this". She's always such a negative person and always Complaining about people "Complaining". Another girl posted something like "So what, your husband's gone.. get over it.".. *raises eyebrow, gritting teeth*

Ok, I agree with the whole "you signed up for this, suck it up" thing. BUT in a totally different sense than she did. I DID sign up for this life when I married my husband. I "Suck it up" when I have a day that the Navy changes plans or something goes wrong, and I don't COMPLAIN. That's how I look at it. But, I IN NO WAY signed up to NOT miss him. No one did.

I kinda lashed out. I have yet to post that I miss my husband, but that doesn't mean I don't miss him, because I do.. Very much so. I think it's normal to miss your husband.. and honestly, If you don't... Something is very wrong with you or your relationship. Just my thoughts. Anyway, back to the point.. I lashed out. I posted:

"gets annoyed when girls "Complain" about other's who post and complain about their men being gone. Do you realize you are "Complaining" more? Seriously. Shut up. Atleast some of us miss our boys."

I went on to say "I do not think posting that missing your SO while he is gone is complaining. I would HOPE that everyone will miss their significant other while they are away.
*OPSEC violations are a different story*
Besides that.. Why not be positive? Negative status updates can effect others mood. Be encouraging and be there for the person who is having a hard time with their loved one gone. Some people actually like having their husband around."

That status update ended up being a bit of a popular post. Several girls thought the same thing I did, but didn't say it. Some of them needed to hear, "It's ok, you're allowed to miss him".. encouragement. It's good for everyone. I like being a positive person. I actually pride myself in knowing I try not to bring negativity in my life (although, sometimes.. it happens.).

The girl who triggered my post ended up deleting her status. I assume that maybe I wasn't the only one who said something. I considered deleting her, but I would like to be able to get along with all "Big E" wives, although.. is that really possible? The reason I want to get along with all possible is because there will be a couple positions on the FRG board opening soon. The president of the FRG said I would be a great person to be on it. The FRG leader's are by vote. So, I need want to get along with everyone.

 So there.. That is my Rant. Weewh... I feel better. ha. 

Do you agree? Or did I over react?


  1. Nope I agree haha of course I'm tired of their stuck up bullshit I deleted her haha I'm going through and deleting anyone I see posting a status like that, not that it means anything to them of course but it helps me because I don't need to be reading things like that when I'm down already as it is. To know that the girs who are supposed to be here to support me are saying things like that really gets to me, it's like well who can I turn to when I need to talk to someone and are they thinking that as well?

  2. Yea, that is true. It's good to be surrounded by people who are supportive. People don't realize how much others negativity can play a role on their own mood. The girls who post things are also the same ones that are attention hungry it seems too! They want all the support in the world, but they don't wan to support others when they need it.

  3. I completely agree! Our ships FB page is so full of negativity and drama that I couldn't be a part of it anymore. We are supposed to be a support system, not cut others down. Good for you for standing up for yourself. We signed up to support our husbands and hold down the fort while they are gone, but if you don't miss them, something's wrong!

  4. OH wow!...she either is going around or someone else I read is talking about the same girl! Boo on her...delete the unnecessary people in your life including fb.

  5. I agree. I hate the "you signed up for it". Wait so because I fell in love and accepted to live a different life for YOUR freedom I am not allowed to bitch now and then or say that I miss my husband? Well fine then don't bitch to me about your kids or your job because you signed up to have kids and work so suck it up princess.

    I just went on a little rant didn't I? OOPS!

  6. Some women amaze me with their ignorance. There is nothing wrong with missing your military spouse! We knew what we were getting ourselves into, but that doesn't mean we all feel that everything is right or even necessary! Those negative people really need a reality check. Their poop smells just as bad as everyone elses!

  7. Hi! I love how you reacted to her post! I would have really just deleted her from my friends... Well I probably would have called her retarded or something! haha.

    I am new to this Military Significant Other sorta thing! The boyfriend is stationed in Korea for a year, it is a fresh relationship, but I have been looking around the blogger world and finding out what others think about it! He and I are talking marriage, I am super excited to come on this journey!

    I really look forward to read more of your posts! :) Keep on keepin' on lady! You're awesome!

  8. I adored reading this post. It never ceases to amaze me how dumb some people are! "At least we miss our boys" is DAMN RIGHT! If this broad has such a problem then she needs to take herself off the friends list or hide our feed. I personally am not a friend of hers that I know of but if I was I can promise you one thing, I WOULD NOT keep my mouth shut lol.

  9. I totally agree with you. I think all us military wives should come together not tear each other apart. It is hard our hubs go away and sometimes we just need to express those feelings in hoping for some encouragement and comfort from someone who's been there. I know what you mean though, I have some non-military spouses who either look forward to their husbands leaving so they can have a "break", which I will never understand that. Or their husbands leave for a couple days and they fall apart. You have the right to express missing your husband, now if people don't want to hear that, then they don't read it, they don't chew you out for expressing yourself. You tell them!

  10. I am new to this & dont know how to start this blogg page thing... but I stumbled across this & hope you dont mind me lesaving my comment, I agree with all of you. I am an emotional wreck when my husband is gone. I have never been envolved in a group but my husband talked me into it, I have people phobia & hard to just open up (due to childhood) I told him I was afraid that this kinda thing would happen, or there would be judgmental people & or holier than thou types, he assured me there wasnt... I am afraid to post anything on the enterprise wall, because I dont feel eqivilant (meaning I dont feel like one of the group)to do so, I have been a navy wife since 4-01 & never have I gotten "used" to him being away nor could I ever suck it up! He is my world, I love him so much! and it is people like that that make me doubt others intensions on being "friends"

  11. Ummm....I get VERY easily annoyed by this topic too! Mine wasn't from FB though...mine was from an "anonymous" comment that I got on my is the link to my repost on the issue...

    I got so upset. How dare you tell me to STOP COMPLAING?!?!? And the post that I wrote, where they commented that...I wasn't even complaining. Since I posted a response, I've yet to hear back from this certain, "anonymous" person.

    Anyways...good post! Good luck getting your voting postion you want:) Keep us updated! Oh..and come and find me on FB. My badge is on my blog.

  12. You did NOT over-react. You were much more polite and composed then I would have been. I'm a spit-fire when people say that s**t.

    I would say if they can't be supportive and realize that you (or other mil-SO's) missing their man has nothing to do with them, even if posted on FB. No one forces them to read it.

    Plus, it's really counter-productive to the anti-complaining campaign (as you mentioned) to complain about it in the first place. Just plain silly.

  13. Elizabeth, It seems alot of "support" groups are like that on Facebook. I refuse to associate with the drama. I like being supportive. There's always someone out there that needs someone to talk to and feels like there is noone there to listen. I agree, if your husband leaves, and you don't miss him.. something is wrong.

    The Hapa Girl, I'm guessing there are a lot of wives that just thrive on drama, and negativity? I don't understand it. I'm giving the girl another chance. Eventually she'll break down and need someone to be there for her and there will be noone there to listen.

    Nolie, lol very true. People know what they got into when they get pregnant and complain about the labor pains.. in a sense, is that not the same (the knowing what you got into, but it doesn't change how you feel)?

    Samantha, EXACTLY!

    Adrienne, Thank you. I rarely lash out, but when I believe someone or something is completely in the wrong, I can't help but to speak my mind. If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask! :)

    Brittany, I really liked the girl when I met her in person. I never thought that she was one of those negative snoody wives. I was proven wrong. I don't think she and I will be getting together anytime soon.

    Laina, I agree. I think military wives need to support each other. Who else knows better about what we go through? No one! So we are each others best support system. I see girls who always want a break from their husband, and it breaks my heart. Although, I honestly appreciate the time he's away because it always makes our marriage feel new again when he comes home. Although, I miss him something awful!! I appreciate the fact that it does bring us closer and our communication gets so much better.

    Carrie, You are more than welcome to comment :). Your hubby is on the same ship as mine :) That's pretty neat! I highly suggest the Enterprise Group on Facebook. I'm very active in that group. Also, the Big E FRG Leaders they have now are absolutely AMAZING! I have become friends with them. They are truly supportive.

    Amber, I think people must think they are "tough" by posting Anonymous. Gotta love drama starters lol! But on a positive note, you got a blog post out of it and tons of Supportive comments! EAT THAT MR. ANONYMOUS! haha. I have added you on FB.. Now accept me!! haha. :p

    Mel, My thoughts too. All I saw from her was complaining about complaining. eventually she'll need support, and it'll be too bad when noone wants to listen to her "Complaining".

  14. Hi, I'm not apart of you FB group nor do I know any of the Enterprise wives. I was searching a group and stumbled across your post. I was wondering if someone could possibly email me. I know I sound a little insane, but I'd like to know when the ship is due to return. :)


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