Saturday, May 15, 2010

Furman Update

I haven't updated in a while. There has been a lot going on. Let's just start from when my cat went missing.

After Musket went missing, I just couldn't keep up with anything, especially my blog. So, I promise you I will get around to commenting everyone back and posting the blogger awards that some of you have sent me. Thank you btw. They are much appreciated. Anyway, back to what I was getting to. The husband left early this week for a workup. Didn't have a chance to process that he was going to be gone a while because we were so focused on finding Mus. I was walking our apartment complex numerous times a day, hanging flyers, posting rewards.. my attention was 100% devoted to finding him. Well, Hubby left.. and I still kept my focus on Musket. Which is what he wanted anyway. Come Wednesday, I was physically and mentally drained. I think my dog, Roo, was too. She wouldn't eat, she wouldn't play. She would get Musket's toy and lay by the couch with it and whimper. Absolutely broke my heart. He had been gone 4 days and I was giving up.

Wednesday night, Hampton Convention Center hosted an "Evening Under The Stars" for Military Spouses. A bunch of booths set up giving information, some selling stuff, and LOTS of free stuff. I forced myself to get out of the apartment. I couldn't keep torturing myself looking for Musket nonstop. I still hadn't even processed the fact that the Husband had left. I knew I needed to get out. I ended up having TONS of fun. Met up with several girls that are wives of the Big E. A couple of the girls, I had met for the first time. It was great. I finally was able to relax. I was invited to go out to eat with a couple of them, but decided to go home and beat the storm home. When I got home, I was chatting with a friend on Facebook, Worrying about Musket again. He's fine with rain, but my little furman is scared of lightning and thunder. I didn't want to give up, but he is the first cat I have ever been this attached to. He's my little guy. I found him when he was small enough to fit in the palm of my hand, barely weened. He was Roo's best friend. Like I said. I was just absolutely mentally drained.

About 10pm Wednesday night, someone bangs on my door. Of course I freak out, but run to the door. It was my neighbor who lives below me. "I think your cat is on our balcony", he said. I didn't even grab any shoes, I just jetted out the door. No shoes, in a tank top.... and it was pouring. By the time I had got downstairs, Musket had jumped over the balcony. I'm out in the pouring rain calling for him. I hear him whine from the bushes. He has a very distinct whine.. it's not a "meow". He sounds like a baby. He wouldn't come out because he couldn't see me. So I had to get on my hands and knees and look into the bush. As soon as he saw me, he sprinted out. Right into my arms. My little man came home.

Riley was so excited to see him! They played and played and played.. almost until 1am. Riley ate 2 bowls of food that same night as well. I was so relieved. Musket is fine too. He didn't loose much weight at all. Which makes me very happy. He's the same troublesome little mess that I have always loved. Musket and I played for a little bit and then him and Riley went to bed. I immediately emailed the hubby. He was so excited and relieved. He loves that little guy just as much or more than I do. We have no babies, but we have our furbabies. This is our family.

Now, it's time to allow myself to process that the husband be out to sea for a while, plus pack for our move, then move alone... and somehow in there keep my sanity. Yes, I miss him.. but I just have this feeling that he'll be home in the morning. I just can't grasp the fact it's not a duty day.. although, he hasn't had duty since January. I guess it'll hit me eventually.

This is all for now. I will be writing a new post later. The contest I held is now over, so tonight, I will post what being a Navy Wife means to me. I couldn't let you all have all the fun with it now could I? ;)

Pics anyone?

Taken with my cellphone. He was soaked!
Ignore the ugly couch. Couch cover was in the wash.
They love each other.
As you can tell.. I was exhausted.
This pic cracks me up. He is so fascinated with my face.
He always paws at me. This is just the first time I caught it on camera.


  1. Yahhhh.....I'm so glad you had a happy ending:)

    Isn't there always so much to process and look ahead on while our men are gone. Always! Without a doubt!

    Good luck with the packing...and move! I hate moving!!!!! BLECK!

    Sending hugs!

  2. YAY!!! I'm so glad you found him :)

  3. aww, so glad your furbaby is home!

  4. yay! im so glad you found him! :)


  5. Thanks everyone!

    Amber, I hate Packing too!!! I have to move in roughly 2 1/2 weeks and I have 1 room packed!! Lol, and that room was practically empty. I'm screwed haha. But Since the hubby is gone, I'm throwing out a lot! That's the only perk to him being gone. He's a pack rat!! lmao. I'm considering throwing our couch out too and buying a new one. Our is probably older than me and weighs as much as a car. ugh. lol

  6. So glad you had a nice night out with some other military wives. And I'm so happy you found your furman :)
    How long is your husband out to sea for? I know it's hard, I've been there. I found that if you make projects for yourself to stay busy, that helps. That really sucks that you have to pack and move yourself, but at least you'll have plenty to keep your mind occupied with :)Lots of luck to you!

  7. Yes..packing/movig/unpacking....there is always sooooo much to do! BLECK!!!!!

    I vote to get rid of the couch...and get a new one:) I wish I could get rid of my whole house worth of stuff, and start over.

  8. Laina, Thanks! I've been keeping myself very busy. Sometimes I think a little too busy!! lol. I can't say how long my hubby will be out to sea because of OPSEC. I have my mental countdown going. If I keep myself busy, he'll be home before I know it.

    Amber, I would love to just get rid of everything and start over!! (minus my china cabinet, quite fond of it! lol)
    I sent the husband an email about the couch, and he has asked me to wait to get a new one. BOO! lol I guess he wants to pick it out with me. Which means several more weeks of waiting and being stuck with this hideous thing we have now. I'm thinking of tossing it anyway.. I'm fine in the floor haha and he'll come home and want to go look immediately.. that may be my best bet! ha

  9. I had a dog take off the day before leaving Charleston, SC. on PCS to San Diego. Long story short, got him back. But not before 500 mile backtrack.

  10. hahahaa. yes, I forgot about the "loose lips sink ships". It's been a while since my husband has been out to sea, I have one more year before I have to face that again. Glad you have your blog to share your ups and downs with us :)

  11. KrippledWarrior, Wow! I probably wold have went crazy if my dog had run off. I have had her since she was 4wks old and she is 4 years old now. I'm so glad your dog was found! 500 miles is a long haul, but so worth it.

    Laina, Yep. That's one of my favorite sayings too. :)