Friday, April 2, 2010

Change of plans.. Again

I haven't posted much of an update on my Lately. I recently wrote about hunting for a new apartment ("Aggressive" Breeds vs New Apartment Hunting), a few things have happened since then.

We decided we wanted to buy again. We were having so much trouble trying to find a place that would allow Riley. We sat down and really thought about what we want and what we can afford comfortably. And what we can afford (or what we want to pay)... well, lets just say, we're not finding anything in our price range in a good neighborhood. We got to thinking.. What about a townhouse? They are affordable, offer everything we want in a single family home, some have back yards.. We had made up our mind. So, We went searching, and sat down with our Realtor and our Lender. Then bad news hit us like a brick wall. The husband had no credit. Zilch. With that being said, We cannot get approved for a mortgage, and it could take 6 months to build his credit up to where it needs to be. With that being said, we had to go back to looking for a rental. Boo!

I spent hours searching online. Getting anxious, nervous. Just 2 months and we have to be out of our current apartment. If we are not out of our apartment by the time our lease expires.. they will Jack our rent up to $1340 a month.. and that's just base rent!! That does not include Water, Trash, Pet rent, washer & dryer rent! EEk! We would end up paying $1500 a month! Yeah, it was time to search hardcore! I found a place online.. a townhouse, Yay! I called and it seemed perfect. Roo's allowed!! The lady said they would have just 1 available when we needed it. Felt like we had to act fast. We went and looked at it. We liked it, but it seemed a little cramped, and didn't have a private patio.. and that kitchen sure could have used some updates! But the price was awesome, which made it so hard to turn down. The lady referred us to their sister property that offered larger homes, and a private patio. She also said she was sure they had something available. We went and checked it out. We liked it a lot. A lot bigger than the previous townhouse we checked out and much more space than our current apartment. The price was ONLY $100 more than the first townhouse we looked at.. and it meets all of our needs. So, We signed the lease. We are going to be saving more than $300 a month compared to our current rent. Yesssss! <- That's me very excited, if you didn't get that. We move in the first of June. I'm absolutely excited.

We had to sign a 12 month lease, which means we'll be stuck on this side of the water for another year (unless we break the lease when he deploys). But we have decided that if we like it there, we might as well stay there for the remainder of his orders here in Hampton Roads. This side of the water is a lot cheaper.. not to mention the roads are a lot better. The down part is.. THE TUNNEL TRAFFIC! I have pretty much adjusted to it, but I feel bad for my husband.. He will be the one suffering with it every single day! I'm sure he is thrilled about that one. I guess that means he should finally adjust to it as well. We've been here for a year already and have roughly 5 more to go.. yea, it's definitely time for him to adjust.


  1. I had to say I laughed when I read your comment about the tunnel traffic. It is horrible, horrible traffic. We're originally from VA and my husband was stationed at Dam Neck for training, so I drove down for those 6months to visit him... and I hated it. I swear it's worse than any traffic we've seen while we've been stationed out here in San Diego, lol.

    But congrats on the townhome!! xD

  2. I have never seen traffic this bad in Nashville, where I'm from. It's a complete standstill until you get right at the tunnel and then it's smooth sailing. I do not understand it lol.