Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ship is on the Move

Lately there have been a lot of ins and outs with my hubby's ship. Aren't workups just fun?! {sarcasm, if you didn't get it.)
The USS Enterprise being pushed into the pier April 18, '10
So far, it hasn't been all that bad. The first time they went out for a week was a little rough. My husband's email had not been set up on the ship and obviously cellphones are prohibited (not like that would have mattered.. they are in a solid steel cage more than 50 miles out from land!).. so there was no contact. Thank God for other military wives who are always there. Several nights I stayed up chatting with other Enterprise wives until after 2 in the morning. There is truly no friendship that compares to the friends I have made in the almost 2 years my husband has been in the service. When he came home after that first workup.. I had a huge sense of pride and even more support for my husband. Watching that ship pull in, I smiled and I felt like like I had not seen my husband in months.

Flag at Half Mast for fallen Soldier
I know what you're thinking.. it was just a week! Well, this was our first, both mine and my husband's, first "workup", and the USS Enterprise's first outing in 2 years! So yeah, it's somewhat of a big deal! They got the old clunker running again! I felt so proud, and felt so Happy. Not happy that my husband will be away so much, but happy because this is what he likes doing. This is his career. Happy because my husband is starting to feel like he is going to make a difference and serve his Country. After all, that is why he joined the Military. He wanted to be apart of something bigger than himself and serve his country. And I support him and love him.

They have been in and out all month it seems. Started off with a fast cruise in the shipyards, to getting out and finally getting to play in the water a couple times. The guys are exhausted right now.  My husband just got a day off after more than 3 weeks of not having a day off. Hoping to catch up on some much wanted time with him before he leaves again.

 Met up with several girls to watch the boat pull in. We were there for 5 hours! (hence the reason my hair looked horrible!) But in the end, the wait, the bad hair, and having to pee so bad it hurt.. it was totally worth it.

My husband said he actually had fun out there. He said he worked his but off, but for some reason... he liked it. Which is GREAT because we have 18 more years of this. ;)

I hope you enjoyed the few pics I posted from the ones I took from the day they moved back to Norfolk. Everyone on Facebook seems to enjoy them. So, I figured you might too! :)


  1. How lovely and sweet. You guys are too cute together. Enjoy your day off together!

  2. I know what you mean, my hubby is going out with them soon supposed to be out for nearly a month. I'm not too happy about it...

  3. oooh, I have a question! It may be a little personal, so I understand if you don't feel comfortable answering. My hubby leaves for Great Lakes next month and I was just wondering: how long did it take to get the first paycheck?
    I keep hearing 6-8 weeks, but that has come from people who experienced bootcamp a long time ago, so I wanted to see if that time frame is still true.
    I love your blog by the way, it's helped me out a lot! :)

  4. Thanks Mrs. Ma'am! :D

    Mrs Gambizzle, I'm not looking forward to the time away either. I'm just trying to stay positive and I will make it through it!! :D

    Amanda, We were told the same thing. My hubby went in on October 27, 2010 and We were paid on November 15. :) So, about 3 weeks.
    Hope that helps you some :)

  5. LOVE the pictures!

  6. Thanks Emily!

    You're very welcome Amanda!

  7. my best friends hubby is on the enterprise too. :)
    just found your blog, so cute!

  8. Hey girl, I totally understand workups...but they actually help get us ready for deployment, too! On a side note, my sister in law's fiance is assigned to the Big E... =) Although I'm not that close with either of them.