Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Deployment on the Horizon

We still have a little bit before we get to the Big D. However, every time a new schedule is posted.. seems the time gets a little closer and closer.

The ship let the boys come home yesterday, but the ride has already started back again. The hubby and I got to talking as I took him in this morning. The next few months are going to prepare us for our first deployment. And by the time deployment gets here we will have made a few decisions, atleast I hope we know what we're doing.

In a little over a month we will be moving into a townhouse we found for rent that is a lot larger and about $300 a month less than we are currently paying for our cramped apartment. We're not quite sure how this move will go with all these workups going on... But I'm trying to figure it out. All the packing is kind of left up to me.. but I'm sure if he was here, it would still be that way. I'm excited, but feeling a little stressed because all the guys that are planning to help us move, just happen to be on the same ship as my hubby. I'm trying to rack my brain and try to figure out how to make this run smoothly.

We think we are going to like our new place, but we said the same about our current apartment. We figure by deployment time, we will know if we want to stay here in Hampton, or if we want to find another place to rent in Norfolk (or that side of the water) or maybe even think about the home buying idea again. We still have some time to think about it, but I want to be as prepared as I can be.

I'm trying to lay out the pros and cons to each idea. Trying to think of our best possible option.
If we like the townhouse in Hampton- Pros: It's cheap, plenty of space, it's more "homey" like Cons: Tunnel traffic to Norfolk, is Nick going to feel safe leaving me there alone?, no back yard- just a large Patio.
If we decided to find another place across the tunnel to rent: Pros: No more tunnel traffic!, Close to base, I have lots of friends on that side of the water Cons: Having to move again, trouble finding a place that will allow Riley, more deposits
If we decide to buy a house: Pros: It's ours!, I can do all sorts of projects around the house, a yard for Riley, I can have a garden Cons: Moving again, finding a good neighborhood, it not selling when we get orders, will be paying more than what we are going to pay for rent at the townhouse.

We have decided that if we decide to move, whether it be buying or renting, we will put all our stuff in storage and I will move home for a little bit. This will give me time to find us a new place and save some money up while he is away. I want to have us moved in and the place all decorated by the time he is home though. I want to surprise him. I plan to send him pictures of the home buying/ rent search process and make sure his opinion matters. I want him to feel as involved as possible. I know he will say he doesn't  matter, if I like it he will like it.. blah blah blah, but I want this to be about him too.

Is anyone going through a similar situation as this? What do you do to keep your sanity?


  1. I'm not going through a similar situation as far as buying a house, etc, but my husband and I are getting ready for a deployment. We are trying to figure out everything as far as storage and where he will live when he comes back (I go to school on the opposite side of the country). I will be responsible for getting the new apartment and having it ready when he returns though, and so I want him to be part of the process too!!

  2. Hi Christina! I've been following your blog since I moved to VA so I feel like I've known you long time. =) My hubby is in the same ship as yours so I'm preparing for the "big D" too. I feel like I'm not ready for this! We're newlyweds (since January), I've been here only 2 months. No friends, no family, no english at all (spanish is my first language). Who said it was easy to be a navy wife!? lol

    My husband joined the navy six years ago, all those years he lived in Norfolk but he didn't like it, he told me that if he's not going to be at home, he feel more secure if he leaves me here instead of leaving me there (don't get me wrong, Im not saying that all places in Norfolk are bad because I've never lived in there) so before we got married he buyed a townhouse in Kempsville Lake, Virginia Beach. We're 20 to 25 mins from the base (if the traffic is heavy), the neighborhood is very quiet and peaceful and the best of all NO tunnel traffic. You should take a look to this area.

  3. During one of my hubby's deployments, while he was gone, I sold our house and moved into a rental house. It was all very stressful, I was very pregnant at the time. He also said that he felt awkward coming home and not even knowing where his house was. I could not pick him up because I jsut had baby #2 2 days before. My whole point is that I think that you two should do it together, that way you can share in the experience together! Good luck!

  4. Hey Christina, thanks for this post and for your whole blog as well-- I know it is very helpful for others in your situation to read and relate to your daily triumphs and tribulations. I really admire the work you put into your relationship, I know it's not easy to maintain! Best of luck with your home search (no matter what option you end up going with). I know you'll find something that works well for both of you.