Sunday, April 11, 2010

And So it Begins...

So this is it? The start of preparing for the dreaded  "BIG D", great. Workups that is.

Everyone knows how much Navy wives just LOVE workups. Just wish his command wasn't so unorganized! No one.. not even the most of the Sailor's on board know what is going on! My hubby told me the schedule they told him, however... other ladies are saying their hubby told them a different one. I like the schedule my Mr. gave me a lot better than the one's I'm hearing.

I didn't make any plans today.. I definitely should have. It is only 3pm and I am already sitting here thinking this is going to suck. I'm not trying to be a complainer.. I just realize now that there was really no good way to prepare for things like this. However, I do believe had his ship been more organized, We could have known what to expect a little more.

At first, I was looking at this time as a REALLY long duty day. Yeah sure, I would have rather had him here with me.. but I managed on Duty days just fine, and got a lot accomplished (cleaning wise that is). Now I think it was stupid of me to think that way. I realize now that he probably won't be able to call. I have seen other ladies talk of email from their hubby's already.. And I admit, I got a little jealous. I won't be getting an email. They have yet to set up my Husband's ship email. I just feel in the dark.

Yea, definitely should have made plans today. But on the plus side, I designed some new tshirts today, and a few graphics for people. So, that is somewhat of an accomplishment for the day. I should take his time away to catch up on some much needed girls days. I know I'm not the only one in need of one of them.

This is my rant for today. :) Thanks for listening.

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  1. Yes, Mike is going through his six month work ups right now, and it SUCKS. Good training for the real deal though.

  2. Yeah, that is true. Just wish I knew a little more about what was going on. I'm sure my husband does too! lol