Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Aggressive" Breeds vs New Apartment Hunting

The husband and I have decided to look for a new home. The apartment we live in now is just a little on the pricey end, and because of it.. we are not able to put any money in savings.
We considered buying a house, but in these economic times, we feel that when it comes time for our next Duty Station... we may not be able to sell the home. We have decided to go hunting for a townhouse.

The apartment we live in now isn't bad, but for the price.. I expect it to be a lot better than it is. We had a problem with our the heat in the master bedroom and were basically told there was nothing they could do about it. They seem to have hot water problems in our building quite often (no problem with hot water in our apt) and when one person's hot water is messed up.. they shut the whole building's water off. They have shut our water off twice within a month's time, tomorrow will be the third time. That can be very frustrating. Monday's are always Laundry day.. and It just feels like my whole week gets thrown off. They do allow pets here with no restrictions, which is why we jumped so fast to sign the lease here.. but we're hoping to find a townhouse with a fenced in patio so she can play outside more.

Riley- Roo, 3 year old American Pit Bull Terrier
I love my dog so very much. She is a 3 1/2 year old American Pit Bull Terrier. She is one of the sweetest, cutest most loyal dog I have ever owned or been around. But she's an "Aggressive" breed. For some reason, when people refer to her breed as "Aggressive" or even "Vicious" I just want to start on a rant.. "Dems fightin' words". (sorry for the movie reference, but it's what just popped in my head).

Today I received an email from a townhouse community and she started off by saying they were a "Pet Friendly community" and then went on to describe how they had no weight restrictions. I was thinking we found our place.. but wait.. next line said "no aggressive dogs are accepted" and the next line in small print, "The company considers aggressive to mean pit bulls, chows, Akita, etc". I wanted to scream! You're NOT a "Pet Friendly" community if you don't allow all breeds.. That's just my opinion. But it just really frustrates me. My dog is NOT aggressive nor is she Vicious! I had a chiwahwah who was more "Viscious" than Roo could even imagine of being.. and I know of two cocker spaniels that attacked my sister.. Like I said.. my dog is NOT AGGRESSIVE! I had to give myself a minute before I messaged the lady back. I really let this get to me.
I think I handled myself quite well in my response. I wrote, "Sadly, you're housing community is not for us. We have a very loving, non-aggressive American Pit Bull Terrier that you community discriminates against. Thank you for your time.".

Why does apartment hunting have to be so hard for people who love and want to save this amazing breed of dog? Especially for a military family, who doesn't have much option for housing.. We could buy a house, but with Orders that can change.. It is probably not the best idea, not for us. I'm sure we'll find another place.. I still have more than 25 townhouse communities to call and email. I'm keeping my head up, I just needed to rant some.

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