Monday, March 22, 2010

Does yesterday's vote come with a morning after pill?

This is possibly going to be somewhat of a Controversial post, but hey, this is my blog.. I can say what I want. After all, this blog is about my feelings, my everyday life, and well.. ME.

As you can tell from the Title of this blog, I am very much against the new "Health Care Reform". Our country is already in Debt.. how is adding $100 billion a year to that debt going to help our economy? This is the land of the "Free", but now it seems to me that the government is taking away that freedom... they are trying to control us more and more.

I have been called "Selfish" because by not "supporting" this new health care idea Obama has going on here.. I don't want to help those in "need". I'm sorry. I am one of the most unselfish people I know.. and that does not make me selfish. I only see this bill bankrupting this country more so than it already is. This is all just my opinion.. you do not have to agree with me.

Ok, I'm sure you want to know more reasons why I am against this health care plan. Well, here goes:

For the first ten years, it will cost about $100 billion a year. Our country is already in debt. How is this a good idea again? Would this not just put more strain on our economy? That doesn't help anyone.

The bill might increase the cost of health insurance. This depends on whether the gains from increased efficiencies and increased competition is outweighed by the cost of providing additional benefits.

There will be a tax increase on high income families. You will have about a 1% tax increase. Why is it that the "higher income" families always have to pay? I come from a low income family (just to clear up any assumptions). This country was founded upon everyone being "equal".. That's not very fair in my eyes.

Providers May Refuse to Accept Public Insurance. This would end up in a lot more unemployment.

And everyone says, "Free Health Care!".. when in all actuality, it's not free. The working Americans are paying for some lazy person's, who doesn't want to get off their ass and find a job, health care. So yea, Let's give people one more reason to WANT to be on Unemployment and get something free from the taxpayers. Boy! Isn't that exciting?! {sarcasm}

Gives the government control over hospital staffing. Once again.. MORE JOB'S LOST, and less choices over caregivers.

Gives the government control of health care decisions. This being said.. If they think there is no chance of Recovery, They can refuse you treatment. Even if treatment could keep you with your family for say.. 6 months or more.

I could keep the reasons why I am against it going, but I have decided to stop at this point.

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  1. I agree completely with all you're saying. I come from Canada, so it's not like I haven't experienced it before. My grandpa had to wait 6 months for surgery to clear a clogged major artery... is that what everyone wants? Because that's what's going to happen!

  2. Thank for leaving some love on my blog.. sounds like you can relate even more so to what we are going through.

    I don't think the people that are celebrating this understand what we just got ourselves into! Hopefully, it won't be as bad as we think it'll be, but it's likely that it will.

  3. Oh my gosh I couldn't agree with you more! That bill is so ridiculous, what happened to the constitution? I agree with Jessica thought they don't understand what we got ourselves into. . .

  4. Hello! I'm your newest follower, coming by way of I'm a mil spouse myself and love reading other mil spouse blogs. Anyway, great post. It's definitely a controversial issue. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Nice to meet you.

  5. Hi Christina! I wanted to respond to the comment you left on my blog about anonymity, but I didn't want to comment again on mine (because I didn't know if you'd see it), and I couldn't find a way to email you privately. Anyway, I'm so glad you wrote in because I've wondered if people truly feel that anonymous bloggers are less relateable, as you said. I do post pics, usually of my kids (just not their full faces). And people in the blogging group that I'm active in as well as bloggers who regularly leave me comments(and who I regularly comment back to) know my first name (which is Heather BTW). YOu asked if I felt more comfortable being "anonymous" or being "me"? (Don't know if that was directed at me or at bloggers in general but I'll answer.) Honestly, I don't think the 2 need to be mutually exclusive. I don't post anything as an anonymous blogger that I wouldn't post if my name was next to my profile picture. I follow OPSEC, I follow PERSEC, and otherwise I feel I portray myself as who I really am.

    It's funny, when I wrote my 1st post about it, I had NO idea it would generate such a buzz. Thanks for chiming in and I look forward to reading more about you and your modeling career!