Saturday, February 27, 2010


Recently I was contacted by the President of the FRG for the USS Enterprise and was asked if I would be interested in designing a few shirts for their FRG merchandise. At first I was not sure if it was something I should do. I wasn't going to be making any money on them and right now, my tshirts are my only source of income. At the same time, it was exciting to be asked to design for their merchandise.

When my hubby came home from work I asked him what he thought and he thought it was pretty awesome they asked me to design the merchandise. He then said "Even if you're not making money on them, look at how many people are going to be wearing your designs. There are like 5,000 people on the ship and they all have family.". When he put it like that.. I couldn't turn it down.

I created them 9 designs. A couple designs were wife specific, a couple for the kiddos and then a few that were for everyone. I actually had a lot of fun making them. It is the most important job I have had so far with my designs. It's an awesome feeling. A feeling of accomplishment.

The FRG president took the designs and presented them to the rest of the board and their merchandising team. She emailed me and said they loved them! I cannot wait to see my designs. It's truly an honor.

They are having a meeting soon at Town Hall to discuss ship news. They will also be selling USS Enterprise Merchandise.. meaning, my designs. Is it normal to be this excited? I'm ecstatic!

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