Tuesday, February 16, 2010

100 Reasons Why I love you

My Husband and I never do too much for Valentine's day. We like to keep it simple. Who wants to fight with the crowds anyway?! I sure don't and neither does he.

February 14, 2010
We slept in for the first time in a while. Lounged around and cuddled on the couch (seems to be our favorite thing to do). I gave him a list I had typed out of 100 things I love about him, went to see a movie at Cinema Cafe, He bought us some Champagne, rented us a movie for the night and cooked some awesome Fillet Minion!

It was a perfect day for us. Relaxing and enjoying time with each other.. as we do every weekend. The "100 Reasons I Love You" was just the little extra thing I threw in. He loved it. He was smiling the whole time.. caught him laughing a couple times.. and still denying tearing up when he watched "Marley and Me"... but he was laughing when he said it.. he's so "Macho" ;). I posted my list to him at the bottom if you're interested in checking it out.

We finally went and saw Dear John. I have been wanting to watch it before I read the book. I knew that if I had read the book first, I would not like the movie. The movie was good.. however, It was not great. I guess it was just the way she did John. It just Kills me when girls do that to their man in uniform.. not just girlfriends either. I have seen Fiance's and even wives pull crap like that. It breaks my heart. I did not dislike the movie buy any means.. it just got to me.. so, really, I guess that makes it a good movie. It's supposed to get to you. Now I'm excited to start the book. Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite writers.

This morning, President's Day, Nick had off work (Yay for long weekends!).. So we continued to spend time together and focus on each other. He took me to breakfast to one of my favorite places in the world to eat, Cracker Barrel. It was definitely yummy. He then took me to Ollie's Bargain Outlet.. It was neat. We didn't really buy anything, but we just have fun looking, so who cares!  He took me for ice cream, which I love when he randomly does that. Yeah, my husband is awesome.

My Birthday is the 20th... Who knows what he has planned.. he's been talking about something, but he just likes to tease me and never even give hints.. KILLS ME! But I love him. Can't believe I'm going to be 23! ack! Anywho. Going to cut this short. It's bed time, and I have to drive to Norfolk and fight tunnel traffic in the morning. Best get my beauty sleep.

100 Reasons Why I love You
  1. When you are holding my hand when I wake up in the middle of the night
  2. You are goofy
  3. How you always try to make me smile when I’m upset
  4. The way you kiss my forehead
  5. How cute you are when you are sleeping
  6. When you have a bad dream, I’m your teddy bear you hold on to
  7. You never give up on me
  8. You hold the key to my heart
  9. You know me better than anyone
  10. You always make me smile
  11. Your eyes
  12. We think alike
  13. We share a lot of the same values
  14. You know friendship is key to a good marriage
  15. You are my best friend
  16. The way you call me baby
  17. You rescued me when I didn’t know I needed rescuing
  18. You are my Soul Mate
  19. You still give me butterflies
  20. You make me feel safe
  21. How you call me when you are on watch during duty just because you want to, and don’t care if you get in trouble
  22. How you can admit when you are wrong -sometimes ;)
  23. The way you hold me
  24. Your corny jokes
  25. You chose me to spend your life with
  26. Waking up next to you almost every morning
  27. You are understanding
  28. You are forgiving
  29. How you comfort me when I’m upset
  30. Your cute little texts
  31. The smell of your cologne
  32. How we have learned to communicate our wants, needs and emotions
  33. You think I’m always beautiful, even when I look my worst
  34. When you play with my hair as we’re lying in bed
  35. How you don’t mind if I forget to shave my legs
  36. You will build a fire in the fireplace if I’m cold
  37. When you start rapping out of nowhere.. It’s funny, and cute
  38. The way you worry about me when there’s nothing to worry about
  39. How you hold my hand when we walk in the mall or grocery store
  40. How you sometimes get scared during horror movies and pull yourself close to me
  41. The way you tell me I’m your everything
  42. You say you miss me when we have only been apart 8 hours
  43. You kiss me every morning before you leave for work
  44. How you never know where anything is and always rely on me to find it
  45. Your trust
  46. The way you sometime forget what you were saying in mid sentence
  47. The way you love to brag about my modeling pictures
  48. You got a tattoo with my initials
  49. You gave me your last name
  50. You love animals as much or more than I do
  51. You shyness
  52. You have a great family
  53. You will watch chick flicks with me
  54. You are going to be a great Daddy one day
  55. You like spending time with me
  56. You will hold my purse when I am trying on clothes in the mall
  57. How you can always tell when I am upset, no matter how hard I try to hide it
  58. You like my cooking
  59. You rub my feet if they hurt
  60. How you think I look sexy in a tank top and boy shorts
  61. The way you tickle me
  62. How you chose the military life on what we both wanted
  63. How you look in uniform
  64. How you support my tshirt designs and CRushGFX
  65. How Roo-Roo is no longer my dog, she is yours
  66. I have fun with you
  67. You support me
  68. You are open-mined
  69. You never stay mad at me long
  70. Your obsession with my booty
  71. You said that if we can’t have kids, we will adopt
  72. How “Marley & Me” made you tear up and you had to leave the room to keep from boo-hooing
  73. You like to play board games and video games with me
  74. How you sing in the car
  75. You don’t judge me
  76. How we compliment each other (ie. You’re messy & I’m a neat freak)
  77. How different we are but yet so much alike
  78. We both love camping
  79. You love baseball
  80. How you always make me special Ramen noodles
  81. How you can’t stand to see me cry
  82. You sometimes take me for lunch dates
  83. How you encourage me
  84. How we both like collecting baseball cards and have enough together to wallpaper a room
  85. How when people said we wouldn’t last six months and you said we’d prove them wrong, and already have
  86. I love how you are ticklish even though you say you are not
  87. You taught me what true love is
  88. You said that if I weighed 300lbs you would love me just as much as you do now
  89. You knew what style ring I like when you picked my engagement ring
  90. You make me happy
  91. Your touch
  92. Your laugh
  93. How you say I’m your favorite person in the world
  94. How you say you’re a lucky guy, and other times say “It’s not luck if it’s meant to be”
  95. You say goodnight, every night
  96. How you tell me “You’re in this forever”
  97. You told me I’m your first real love
  98. You don’t think it’s possible for people to fall out of love
  99. You’re my Rockstar and I’m the Rockstar’s model
  100. I could come up with more than 100 reasons why I love you

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