Saturday, October 8, 2011


I'm hoping I'm not the only one with this problem, this is why I have decided to write about this.

This is for those of you who blog, those of you who have a larger reader base.

It has recently been brought to my attention that a reader of mine has, I guess, got so caught up in my blog, and feels as if we are friends in "real" life.

Not saying that I'm not friends with my readers, however, I'm completely unsure how to go about wording it.

I'm talking about someone who gets so caught up in your blog, they feel like they KNOW you, not just you but your husband, your relationship, your life, etc.

Yes, I do blog about some personal things, however, I make a point to leave a lot of personal stuff out- especially when it comes to my husband.

When someone, of which I don't know- never seen nor talked to in real life or the virtual world, starts talking about my relationship with my husband, Referring to my husband by first name (which I haven't even done in my blog in over a year), and seemingly facebook stalking me.. it gets kind of creepy.

There's a point where it's flattering, however, The way this person was talking about me, my blog, my relationship AND my husband without me not knowing the girl- AT ALL- is just a little too much.

Just really makes me think a lot. I told my husband about everything, and he was pretty weirded out by it all as well.

How do you deal with it? Do you just ignore it as if it's nothing?

I love that so many find support in what I say, or find understanding in my many rants.. But PLEASE, don't make our virtual relationship creepy! I would hate to have to make my blog private because of this.

My husband wanted me out of Tennessee because I had a stalker (seriously). I really don't want similar issues here in Virginia.


  1. Creeper.....LOL! I would say confront it first, then from there if it gets worse block the hell out of that person and ignore the behavior, because giving the attention probably isn't going to help. IDK though, I have creepers too... but mine are my husbands ex psycho's family.

  2. Ooowww.... I'm very sorry. I follow blogs to read about the feelings and emotions that current navy wives go through. I don't care about names and where you live. Less I've met someone under different circumstances. I've experienced my fair share of stalkers. I hope your issue resolves itself.

  3. I've met up with a blogger... but that was by choice and with lots of planning and in a public location. What you just described is creepy... =/

  4. I have become friends with one blogger. We chat everyday on the phone but that was by mutual choice. What you describe seems a little bit crossing the line. I agree with the person that said confront her. Sorry that is happening to you.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. sorry, you knew i had to.