Friday, October 7, 2011

I Miss My Clean House!

The husband has been home for almost 3 months, and I have yet to see what our new place looks like clean. It's depressing!

I always knew my husband was a mess, but I could keep up with him- now, I feel like I'm turning into a slob too! And of course, mess comes with having a couple guys from the ship staying here as well. You'd think some messy college kids live here!

Looking at our coffee table, I'm for sure to blame for the mess there. More than 90% of the coffee table is covered, and the only think I see on it that IS NOT mine, is my husband's xbox controller. How sad is that? Yeah, pretty sad.

Our carpet already has a couple stains, Laundry is everywhere and there are dishes in the sink.

I'm wondering how I ever kept up with everything. Oh, that's right.. I didn't have a job! I made housework a full time job. Now, my photography business is keeping me very busy, as well as TShirt designing.

There are 4 people in this house that love to eat. There is ALWAYS a dirty dish somewhere.

I know, I know.. You're thinking, "Just wait until you have kids!". Well, when we have a baby, I'm pretty sure there won't be any roommates living here. I think it will even out. I'm constantly tripping over things they throw in the floor, xbox games everywhere.. gaming system controllers. I'm always picking up some sort of bottle, whether it's a coke bottle, some other bottle or the occasional beer bottle.

PLUS, we have 3 animals. Roo, who is my obnoxious 46lb Pitty, Musket, a 17lb cat that thinks he's a pit bull, and Converse, my kitten who is only about 3lbs, but the most obnoxious animal I've ever seen. They can be messy too! There is no "Can Be" to that, they ARE messy. Converse think's he's an acrobat, anything he can jump on, climb or swing on- he's tried, usually resorting in a mess. Roo, well.. she just doesn't realize how big she is and will knock things over, or she'll get the "Zoomies"..  that just sounds like hell, so you can only imagine what it's like with her! Musket.. he's actually the calmer of the 3. However, he gets the "Zoomies" too, and sometimes I think he thinks he can fly when he has them, resulting in a mess everywhere.

Is it bad that I want a day with no work, and no animals or men in this house? MAYBE then I would see this place clean, for once.

Well, now it's time to put some laundry in, wash some dishes and get to editing some images for a client.


  1. Sometimes I think I have three children, not two kids and a husband. ;) It's amazing how much mess one man can make, right?

  2. HAHA! You sound just like me when it comes to everything in the house. My house stays clean when my husband has five days of duty in a row!