Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Operation Underway: Completed; Next Mission: Deployment

My husband's ship has been undergoing many underways since the month of April preparing for deployment. Anywhere from 2 days to 45 days at a time, the underways have been continuous, every month, sometimes more than once a month to more than a month at a time.

I did not have any times where I broke down because of him being underway. Yeah sure, I missed him while he was away.. but I never let him being gone get the best of me. I faced challenges while he was gone, but those challenges would have been thrown at me in ordinary civilian life. Any times where I felt as if I was going to "Lose it" cannot be attributed to anything with the Navy.

Did I think it was hard? Eh, Yes and no. Missing him did sometimes make the underways tough... maybe not so much missing him- but the constant adjusting and readjusting on top of his port schedule. By the time I had adjusted to him being gone, I was waiting on the pier to bring him home- and vice versa. There were several times that I hadn't completely adjusted to him being gone and he'd come home. I wouldn't be adjusted to him being home and he'd leave again. It was a constant "gotta do this, get ready for this",  over and over and over. But now, We are at the end of the strenuous training schedule and now reality is setting in. Buckle up- It's time for Deployment.

I continually compare things I have went through in the Military family lifestyle with past military adventures. I have to say, A-school still gets the prize for being the most challenging. Bootcamp was tough- many tears and really learning to adjust and be on my own again... But A-school, I will take bootcamp and another million underways before I would choose to go through the challenges my husband and I went through as a married couple.

Bootcamp, PCSing without my husband, being away from family, constant underway schedule- I will gladly go through again and again, but you can keep the A-school ;).
(p.s. I wrote a post on A-school early in my blog)

I have been told that Deployment will be easier in many ways compared to the underway schedule. During a deployment- I will actually get to fully adjust to him being gone- which by the way, I'm actually excited about adjusting to a schedule! Although, I'd much rather adjust to a schedule with him home... I'm looking forward to being able to plan things again. I know I will probably worry about a bit more during deployment.. but I know that I will not keep me from living every day life. No use worrying constantly and making yourself miserable.

I have so much planned during deployment.. I'm actually excited for my husband to leave and come home to see all I accomplish while he's away. He says he's excited to leave and come home for me to see all the muscle he is going to put on from working out- we shall see about the muscle ;).. he's got to get away from those darn 3 Musketeers! He's not a big guy.. my husband is a little guy.. well, average I'd say now. Since April, he has gained 30 pounds. While every other guy on the USS Enterprise has lost tons of weight from the horrible food- not to mention food poisoning, my husband GAINED weight.. oh yes, $100 a month in 3 Musketeers will do that to you. I really don't have anything else to say about that, just a little laugh about it... It's definitely NOT normal haha.

I plan to write a post later this week on things I have learned in general and things I have learned about myself from these underway periods. Might just to that tomorrow. We shall see ;)

So now I say: Dear Deployment, Bring it On!


  1. My hubby is on the enterprise as well and you put into words exactly how I have felt these past several months. I have 2 little boys who keep me busy. I have to adjust to caring for them on my own. I think the hardest thing for me during deployment is getting them to understand. One is 4 years old and has not dealt with underways too well. He has been heartbroken about daddy leaving. My plan for him- keep him busy! He is finally at an age he can do team sports so baseball here we come! Also pre-k will keep him occupied. I have an almost 2 year old who is VERY attached to daddy. I know he doesn't undersant why daddy is gone for a while, shows up for a week or so and then gone again. I am very thankful they will offer united through reading. He is young, I don't want him to forget. But I wanted to say thank you for doing this blog!!!

  2. Very well put!! I look forward to your deployment stories. It is amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it.

  3. keep yourself busy!!! and keep a positive attitude. Start a personal journal just for him and send it to him when you know they are gonna port. It totally helps when you have those months with no communication!! Good Luck on your deployment =)

  4. I was so relieved to hear you describe how you see deployment and I feel that same way while my husband is away and off on deployments or doing underways.
    I of course miss my spouse while he is away but I don't let it get the best of me. As I tell people who ask me it must be really difficult for you. I simply say "My husband is off on a business trip just like other men do, his just sometimes last longer." The best way to I handle a deployment is just to take it for what it is. It is in no way personal, it is my husbands job. It helps he loves his job too.
    PS: I giggled at the Thirty pounds and the Three Musketeers, because that can be true for any ship.