Thursday, May 24, 2012

Absolutely Positivity

If you followed my blog through last deployment, you know that I have a positive outlook on deployment, as well as military life. I treat it as if it is no different than if my husband had a typical 9-5 job. Yes, with the military you have deployment. It's part of the lifestyle you choose to live when you fall in love with someone who is of service or when you make the choice with your significant other for them to join.
I've always had this outlook and I think because I have this outlook, I am able to focus solely on the positives.

Last deployment I wrote about falling in love with my husband all over again and deployment being a "new" relationship with him. This deployment has proved that to me again. We regain the "newness" of a relationship throughout the deployment. It also allows us to never get bored with each other.

When chatting with my husband today, he mentioned how he wished he didn't have to be away from me so much. But I pointed out how close we are now, because of the distance. He agreed. He also agreed that deployment allows us to really appreciate each other (He really misses me doing his laundry! haha).

Distance doesn't have to separate your relationship- it can actually bring you closer together, but ONLY if YOU (and your significant other) let it.

Distance can tremendously improve your communication, or absolutely break it. Communication, to me, is #1 with ANY relationship. With good communication, you have trust, you have honesty, and a strong foundation.

Deployment doesn't have to be a negative experience. It CAN be fun, if you let it.

I asked my Facebook Fan Page followers what are some positives to deployment, and I would like to share with you some of what the ladies shared with me.

  • Many ladies said "Saving Money". I have to agree there. My husband spends a lot while on deployment, but not near as much as he does when he is home. It's nice to put EXTRA in our savings account. 
  • Weight-loss was another common one. Although, last deployment, right before he came home I gained 10lbs. Being limited on exercise last deployment added to eating out a lot due to the move was NOT cool, however... all the extra weight went to my rear-end and my husband didn't seem to mind ;)
    This deployment, I will conquer getting into the shape I want to be in. Not necessarily loosing weight, but toning up and eating healthy- look for a blog update on that soon! :)
  • A couple gals said, "how it makes a marriage stronger". Amen sista(s)! My favorite thing to hear others say!
  • One gal said something about not shaving her legs as much.. Although I tend to not shave my legs as much when he's not home.. I'm on the fence about this being a positive or not! LOL
    Definitely not a bad thing though. 
  • You have the opportunity to learn a new hobby. Last deployment, My new hobby was thrifting. That hobby still remains.. and I LOVE it. This deployment, my new hobby ties in with thrifting by finding used furniture pieces I can redo to complete/ decorate my home. I'm picky, but I have found a couple great pieces and now, need to decide on paint colors. My awesome old wood desk I scored for $20 will be a smokey purple soon to match my photography branding. :) Now to think of a color for the table/ stand I found for my dining room and the wood bar stools. 
  • Eating whatever foods you like, is one I COMPLETELY love about deployment. My husband won't eat Mexican food and I absolutely LOVE it. So, deployment is a great time to get my fix for Mexican food in. Although, a lot of Mexican food is not the healthiest- so, I'm improvising with Tortilla soup made in my awesome VitaMix made with tons of raw veggies. 
  • You have time for Self-development, I like this one. A lot. You can find more things about YOU, what you like, learn new things, etc. With this, you can also gain your independence back because, let's face it.. if you're married, you rely on your husband for a lot in some way or another. 
  • "Me time". oh yes, we all need it. Sometimes deployment can be too much, "me time" at times, but who doesn't love and NEED time to their selves every now and then. My husband and I both need our time alone because we tend to spend so much time together. Sometimes we don't notice we slightly suffocate one another because all we want is to spend every minute with each other. Now, go grab the remote because you don't have anyone to share it with- it's all yours. OR if you're like me and you don't watch TV, go turn on Pandora and sing obnoxiously at the top of your lungs because you don't have to worry about it bothering him. ;)
  • Homecoming. Need I say more? No matter what, it's always worth the time apart.
You can read more of what other readers had to say on my Facebook page. Feel free to leave your positive thoughts about deployment on my Facebook page or in a comment on my blog. I love reading other's thoughts as well!

Deployment CAN be a positive experience. Only you can determine how it will affect you.

So, be happy! :)


  1. My husband's first deployment is coming up very soon and reading all these positive things is making me feel a lot better about it!

    1. That's awesome Catie26! You've got this! Just keep your head up and keep smiling :)

  2. I read through this post and found it so true and inspiring. My fiance and I are both in the military, and I'm currently in Korea while he's in TX. It is hard but you are right - in some ways it really makes ouer relationship stronger! I cant wait to continue reading!

    1. Thanks Erin!
      There will always have it's challenges, but it's how you overcome those challenges, how you conquer them that sets you and your relationship apart.