Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When I turn 25..

Dear soon to be 25 year old self (February 20),
Times up! All the things you had wanted to accomplish by the age of 25, you didn't do all of them. Slacker.
But I'm proud of you. 

When you're 16 years young, 25 seems forever away. You're supposed to have everything figured out by then, all your dreams should have come true by now... psh. You lied to yourself. 

By the time you turned 25, you had a list of things to accomplish- things that you saw as being the right thing to do- things you needed to do by 25. 

Here were your top things to do by the time you turned 25:
Go to college
Get married
Buy a house
Buy a new car- SUV (mommy vehicle)
Have a career
Have 2 kids

Go to college: You should have been more specific. Maybe you should have told yourself to "finish college". So, in a sense, you accomplished this Goal. You went to college for one year. I don't think you realized how much the real world cost... and even though you paid for your own things (car, insurance, phone, clothes), there were a lot of expenses you didn't think to consider. 

Get married: You succeeded. At 25, you have been happily married for more than 3 years. Although, at 16, marriage was a Fairy Tale. And in ways, it is your very own Fairy Tale. But it's also a lot of work to keep things working smoothly. You've learned so much about what a relationship is and how a Man is supposed to treat you. He would do anything in the world for you. He pushes you to be better and to go after your dreams. You always said you'd marry your best friend, and you did, you just didn't know him then.

Buy a new car: Speaking of that great husband... He's too good to you. He took you to a dealership where the two of you purchased you your first SUV, and first new vehicle. Only the second car you've owned since you have been able to drive. Go you!

Buy a house: You cut it close, but in July of 2011 you crossed another mile-stone. You and your husband purchased your first house. Small, but more than enough room for you, your husband, 3 crazy animals and one day.. a little one. Now, get busy on all those home projects you want to do you found on Pinterest!

Have a career: You're still working on this. You're starting to really get somewhere with your photography career. You're still in the beginning stages, but you've learned so much to better your business and skills since becoming serious about photography to make it more than an obsessive hobby. Every session you improve. You can see it yourself. If you see it, I'm sure others do as well. Keep it up. You'll have the career you want if you stay on the path you're on now.

Have 2 kids: Fail. But good things come to those who wait- even if it's not by your choice, but your body refusing to hold a baby right now. When it happens, you're going to be a good momma. Just stop being so hard on yourself right now. If you can't have babies, there are other options. Even if it is hard to stomach not having your own. Afterall, you use to say you didn't want to have kids of your own. You wanted to adopt because there were too many unwanted kids that need a family to love them. You may get your wish after all. I know you say you're ok with waiting until you're 28 to really be serious about kids, but I know you. You're bothered because you want a baby so bad, and it's hard knowing every time your  body says no. I know you're just scared of facing yet another miscarriage. Keep your head up. Big man upstairs has something planned for you.

It's crazy how fast time flies. How much you've grown up in 9 years. 

So much changes. 
Happy 25th Birthday.

Here's looking at you kid,
Your [almost] 25 year old self


  1. You almost finished everything!

    congratulations on life girl, you're going far!

  2. I am.... older... than 25 a do not have it "all figured out." If you accomplish that please fill me in! :)

  3. My mom had eight miscarriages and one ectopic pregnancy. She ended up adopting me and my sister... she also ended up having a perfectly healthy boy, my younger brother! So who knows what's going to happen in life... it works in weird ways. :) I'll keep rooting for you for that little one, but if you want to explore the adoption route, feel free to ask me anything. :)

  4. Aw, happy one-day-belated birthday Christina!! I just found your blog via 20sb and wanted to stop in to say welcome!

  5. Happy Birthday!
    Great post. 25 was hard for me to turn.

    I've been reading your blog for awhile, but now I'm trying my hand at writing my own blog. Check me out.