Friday, January 13, 2012

Man up and Get a Real Job

Sometimes I wonder what my husband is fighting for. WHY did my husband join the Military?

I ask this question to myself because there are so many ungrateful people in this world. There are people who have told me my husband needs to man up and get a "real job".

Some people assume my husband has everything handed to him and he gets all these crazy bonuses throughout the year, and that he just sits around on a cruise ship.

Someone straight up saying they don't support the military, not just the cause, but saying they can't stand the military. They don't see the military protecting us, protecting our rights.

I've been told that most of the military is made up of Paper pushers, the Navy doesn't get put in harms way, and our military is full of murders who are fighting for some sand [horrible horrible word I refuse to quote] to have rights. I've heard more and I've heard worse.

It upsets me because I believe in our military, especially my husband. It makes me sad to know these are people our military is protecting. These people have the right to voice their opinions because People like my husband have decided to be SELFLESS and protect their rights, protect our country to the best of their ability and say nothing when these people show how ungrateful they really are.

It's great that people can freely express their opinion, all my readers know I LOVE doing so. But what gets me is when these people see it more than an opinion. They see their opinion as a hard fact. I know it's ignorance, pure ignorance. They don't know anything about each job or branch in the military. They see wives as just wanting the money and benefits when they know nothing of either. The only thing I have heard from some of these that I do agree with is the fact we did sign up for this, but that doesn't mean that it is an easy transition for everyone.

It makes me sad for my husband. I know how hard he works, I know some of the things he has seen, some of the things he's had to do. It's not an easy job for him. But he enlisted because he wanted to make a career out of the Navy. He told me he wanted a job with purpose.

I may not agree with a lot of the decisions the military is asked to carry out, but I do support them. I support my husband. It's hard for me to stand by and not defend my husband when people say things like this. I know it's ignorance on most of it. They just don't know. But it's one thing I can loose my temper on quickly, especially when it turns in to direct attacks on my husband, myself or my family.


  1. People like that annoy the crap out of me... they should move to a different country where those views/opinions would get them shot. Or you know Israel where 2yrs of military service is mandatory for everyone regardless of sex/race, and then come back and tell me how terrible our country and the things our military does actually are.

  2. Agreed. I personally believe that we, as Americans, need to support our military even if we don't support the war. Behind every soldier/airman/marine/sailor/coast guardsman is their family and THEY are the ones that need our support through all the good and bad decisions that our government makes. It makes me so angry when I hear fellow American citizens outright bash our military. If they want to lose their freedoms and rights, please by all means LEAVE OUR COUNTRY. Otherwise, shut your yapper and support the people who defend your freedom to say such garbage.

  3. Wow. No one has ever said anything negative to me about my husband being in the military. I think I might punch someone who did.

  4. well said!

    Thank you from a fellow Navy wife who's husband as a career with a purpose.

  5. I believe you mis-spoke. It is not ignorance from which they speak. It is arrogance that is afforded to them by the humble.