Thursday, May 19, 2011

Home is Where YOUR Heart is

"Home is where the heart is". Where is YOUR Heart?

For some, it may be their hometown, wherever their mom and dad are, where their kids are.. Or like me, Where their husband is.

My home is wherever my husband is. My husband has my heart, completely. So I guess you could say, "My heart is on the Enterprise". But also thinking about the subject, my heart is here. Here in VA, even though he, my husband, is thousands of miles away.

Why in Virginia? This is where OUR home is. This is where we are together, this is where we live. Anywhere I am with him, is HOME.

I may still refer to Tennessee as Home, but really- it's not home anymore. Tennessee is where I grew up, where I met my husband, were we were married... etc. It was home in the past, it may be home in the future. But for now, Virginia is home. It is where my husband and I are currently making a home.

But that's more on a physical standpoint. But what is "Home" to me emotionally..

Home to me, isn't just about Where we live really. Home is where he and I are together. "Home" to me is a feeling. Feeling complete, feeling comfortable, feeling warm and feeling loved. My "home" isn't complete right now. A big piece of the puzzle is missing. Although I know I have his heart, his physical presence is missing, leaving my home incomplete.

Where is home to you? What defines home in your eyes? What makes your home complete?


  1. I totally agree with you girl. Every time Ryan says "were almost home, ect" I'm like, "we just left home to go visit our families in Indiana". Indiana isn't my home anymore and sometimes I wonder if he will ever come to that realization himself.

    I know a lot of people that say "home" when they are going to visit their families in their homestate BUT that doesn't make it home to me. Home is where we live. Home is where we plan to raise our own little family someday. Home, is where the Navy takes us and home, is wherever he is :)

    Love this post girly!

  2. Same for me. Right now my heart is on the USS George HW Bush.. I grew up in GA and when my husband joined the Navy, we were sent to VA. As much as I miss GA, VA is my home now because this is where my family lives. When we're sent some where else, that'll be my home.
    I just found your blog a couple days ago and this is my first comment. I just want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for letting me know that I'm not the only one who doesn't want to sit around and pine away for my husband while he's at sea. I miss him SO MUCH but at the same time, my kids and I can't sit around and be miserable constantly. Again, thanks!

  3. I agree completely!! Right now my heart is in Japan.

    My home is where my husband is. I've told him we could live anywhere as long as I have him I'm home. I love our house but not for the house but because it is our home.

    And although he's gone I'm comfortable because I'm in our home. I have memories of him and us there.

  4. This is so true!! My husband is a marine n getting deployed soon and because of that i will be going back to what used to be my hometown NY... But that really isnt my home since he is not there with me!! CA has become our home for the 3 years that we will be stationed here and really home is going to be were ever the military takes us!! But especially were ever we are Together!! I also just found your blog and i think its great!!!

  5. i love this! i remember when people used to ask where my husband's home was, he would say, "wherever my wife is! "

  6. I refer to home as where I grew up. However actual home is wherever we are as a family.

  7. I hear ya girl! Ohio is where I grew up, and where I'll probably end up again someday, but now, home is where the Navy sends us! Right now that happens to be VA for us too! I don't get why some people get it in their hearts to hate every duty station they go to, just because it isn't "home" - wherever they orginally hail from. They are missing out on great oppurtunities, that's for sure!

  8. I'm so happy that this deployment flew by for you. for the most part, when Kent was deployed, it flew by for me as well. I was busy with work and school, and then when those were over, I was busy with packing to move when he got back. I kept my schedule SO full that before I knew it, 11 months had gone by. I guess it helped that we had a LOT of communication this go round, so I got to talk to him, and SEE him almost every day for at least an hour (Thank you, Skype!). I don't think deployments are THAT hard, but I also think that like everything in life, they are what you make of them. If you set out to be miserable the entire time, you will be.

  9. I completely agree with this. I have always felt that home was a feeling, not a certain place on the map. And yes the feeling is where he is and when we are together especially. Thank you for putting this post up! It is a really good one! Thank for being so positive and thriving as a military wife! I am only a girlfriend but I hope I can be as positive as you and others are if that day ever comes.