Monday, March 18, 2013

I received a phone call from my husband. He was told of an assignment he was given and he said he refused to do it. The assignment was stupid and he said no.

The assignment?

He was supposed to call me and say, "I got kicked out of the program". He was then supposed to take my reaction and report back to his group about it.

Thank you SARP, you officially pushed me a step back. You wanted to play a sick and twisted joke with something that ranks high on the list of, "biggest fears"... Yup, up there with killer clowns. Assholes.

Thank God I married a man that wouldn't do that to me. He said he couldn't do that to me, couldn't purposely hurt me or make me cry.

Realistically, that's what would have happened, I would have been hurt, likely a lot of tears and I'd be angry.
Had this of really happened, I would be angry with my husband, severely. I  WE need this program to be successful.

Now, I just feel nauseous.
I want off this roller-coaster.


  1. They seriously have people do that as part of the program...without alerting the families first? I don't know you aside from what I read here, but I have the feeling that if you KNEW that exercise would take place (even if they didn't tell you when it would happen), you could at least prepare yourself a little bit.


  2. I'm so sorry. I'm glad your husband was honest with you. That is so backwards, when working through addictions, honesty needs to be number one since normally addictions are hand in hand with dishonesty.

  3. Oh my goodness, how terrible! I can't believe they would try and make him do something like that. I'm so glad that he refused to do it though and saved you a lot of tears!

  4. WOW, thank goodness for your husband for standing up for you and protecting your heart. What a terrible assignment! I am a Navy wife as well, married to my sailor for 11 years and our military lives are already taken over by our husband's job. But playing with our emotions for a test? Appalling!