Monday, March 4, 2013

Forget the hurrying, just wait

The last post I wrote about my husband receiving orders was months ago. Well, here we are, March 4, 2013 and he still has yet to receive orders.

Then, I was in panic mode. His chain of command told him he'd be going to shore duty, and he was to report in April. However, they never told him where he'd be reporting to. April was less than 6 months away when he told me he'd be getting orders and as far as we knew, he'd be going to Fallon, Nevada. I didn't know if I needed to start packing, not knowing if I should start preparing to list our home for rent, and not knowing if I should look for a place to rent in NV. I was clueless. I was doing a whole lot of hurrying and even more waiting.

Now, I give up on the when and where. Next month is April and he hasn't heard anything as to if he's even still going to shore duty or when he'll be transferring to anywhere. At this point, if he receives orders to leave next month.. it looks like I'll be hanging back a little bit to get things done and I'll meet him wherever the Navy takes him.

Through all of this, I have definitely learned there is no point in panicking over the waiting for his orders. There's nothing you can say to change them, and there is no point in getting all revved up in hurrying to get things done. Chances are, he could get orders here again. 

So, continue on as if he never said, "We could be moving in April". Forget the hurrying, just wait. 


  1. I'm dating someone in the navy reserves (he's in school) and we've already learned about "Hurry up and wait!". He's always being rushed to do something and then told to wait. It drives him crazy! It's a little frustrating to know that it never gets better.

  2. Even though we're AF, I feel like we're in a similar boat (no pun intended). In Feb 2012 we were told my husband's squadron was being shut down and we'd be moving ASAP. ....that was more than a year ago. The latest rumor is that we're either leaving in May or July of this year. If it's May then we need to start things ASAP (for an OCONUS move and paperwork for the baby)! It's crazy to me that the military continues to lead people around like that.

  3. This is what I love about military blogs - very relatable! I saw your blog at the Military Support Blog directory and I'm following you now from I am really thrilled to have found this support group. I am looking forward in visiting your blogs and meeting you all.

  4. How funny! Is your husband on the Enterprise? I wasn't sure if he was or not...But my hubby has yet to recieve shore duty orders yet either...they keep telling he's going in June. But where, who knows?!

  5. I am so right there!! We got orders completely out of the blue last year (the day we brought our new baby home from the hospital) to move within a month an a half, then got them pushed back to 3 months. Last month we were told to expect new orders this month.... they were supposed to come out "no later than" last Friday...but maybe we'll get them tomorrow. I just want to know if and when so I can plan accordingly.