Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ready for Round Two?

Last night was the first FRG meeting since deployment's end. It was nice to see the familiar faces of the past 6 months. 

We were introduced to the Ship's new Captain, who gave insight to the coming months, leading up to Deployment number 2, also the USS Enterprise's final mission. 

Deployment is set for this Spring. There are still people speculating as to IF the ship will go out- but it will happen. Some are just in denial. Although there are several months between now and D-Day, looking at the schedule of things to come.. What time is there? It's already time to start preparing.

Mentally, I feel I am prepared. I know it's coming- again. I know that preparing was the hardest to do with last deployment. Thankfully, in preparation for this deployment, I will have my husband a little more than the last. He is no longer TAD. 

I'm hoping things in the physical aspect will be more prepared. With my husband's previous schedule, and a time crunch- I was left to do a lot of what should have been done before deployment, during deployment.. and somethings that should have been done, didn't get done at all. Note to self: make him fix the Monte Carlo BEFORE he leaves, or it will sit there for 7+ months until he returns! 

Things I hope will be different this deployment: I'm hoping for NO irregular vet trips. All 3 of our Furbabies had Vet visits this deployment. That was $1,000+ in six months.
I'm hoping they figure out whatever is wrong with me medically before deployment. Having so many doctor appointments last deployment was no fun. 

This coming deployment, I plan to stay busy- just as I did the last. Maybe not completely as busy... I won't be buying a house without him home. I plan to volunteer more time with the FRG. I was pretty involved past deployment, but I'll step up more.
I plan to do A LOT  of home projects. Easier without my husband here because I get to pick everything (he's in his lazy stage right now, and if he can cut corners, he will.. I like taking my time to make things look nice!).

Between now and deployment, I will focus on my relationship as I did previously. I'm going to start preparing things Now, so that we don't "run out of time". Staring a "Deployment List" and checking things off one by one.

The Journey Continues! 


  1. Hope that if the deployment does happen it goes smoothly for yall.

  2. I have no doubt they will be deploying on schedule, even though I am not too happy about it. My key to getting through the last deployment was keeping busy and if you volunteer with the FRG you will definitely keep busy! Though you guys will have a chance to be more prepared than we were, so it won't be insanely busy for you. I think one advantage of having the deployments so close to one another is that we have it fresh in our head what we need to do to prepare for it!

  3. Gah! I can't imagine getting ready for another deployment when it feels like they JUST got home. If Ryan wasn't going on shore duty he would be deploying again in Spring as well. You know I will be around if you need me girl. I don't know if I told you but you helped me so much through the miscarriage. I am ever so grateful. Really.