Friday, January 21, 2011

While You're Away

I did a blog contest months ago. To enter the contest, you had to post Your top 10 songs for "While he's away".

I don't believe I ever posted mine.

Now that my husband is away, I listen to my "While you're away" playlist quite often. The songs on my playlist are songs that go with my mood. I have songs that "understand", love songs, happy songs.. etc. The songs are emotions I have felt while going through boot camp, the agony we faced during a-school, the happy moments of being together, the learning of the underways and  the emotions I expect/ expected during deployment. It's a variety, different genres- everything. All music that I love and listen to regularly.

Music is a big part of my life. "Where words fail, music speaks". Growing up- many times, I would be found in my room with oversized headphones on sketching away in my sketch diary. It relaxes me. Helps me think. So many emotions are portrayed through songs. There is always a song that knows just how you feel.

I'm going to start posting a song every week with a song from my playlist. I'm going to try and explain why it's on my playlist. It would be nice to post them as I feel I relate to them, but then there's the possibility that I don't feel some of those emotions- who knows. It's too early into the deployment to say how tomorrow, next week, next month or 5 months from now my emotions will play on me. So, I'm just going to go with it.

Tomorrow will be my first post. My goal is to post every Saturday. But I'm not committing to that day. As we all know, I don't blog on a set schedule. I just go with the flow... There may be a day in the mid week where I relate to a song in some way- Happy, sad or pissed at the world and I will post it.

I think this is another way for me to express the emotions I go through this deployment because Music is something I can relate to so well.

I hope you all enjoy.

1st post will be posted in the a.m.

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